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This podcast does a mock pairing set up for the Ryder Cup - came up with some interesting matches I hope we get to see!   http://18whiskeyshots.com/2012/09/23/the-bj-show-episode-4/
Got this sent from a friend of mine who knows a friend of one of the guys on the show - pretty funny stuff - can imagine what'd be like to be in their group of golf buddies -    http://18whiskeyshots.com/2012/08/13/the-bj-show-episode-3/
i have a question for you guys - how does one go about finding the costs associated with joining clubs? Seems to me they keep it close to the vest, and you have to call or meet with them even to get a ball park, or rely on word of mouth. Maybe I'm too proud, but I'd hate to meet up with a membership person at the club to inquire about a membership, only for them to tell me there is a 50k initiation fee. Then what, just get up and leave? Be polite and stick around? ...
Check out the book - Talent is Overrated - http://www.amazon.com/Talent-Overrat.../dp/1591842247 Its a great read, and the author takes a closer look at a lot of the myths that permeate western culture about child prodigies and "gifted" people. Mozart is an example he uses, as well as Tiger Woods. Both were perceived as being gifted beyond compare, but a closer look at their childhoods both include highly involved fathers that had the boys working on their crafts...
this is something I couldn't believe even two years ago, when I played very casually with my buddies, and the one serious golfer was about a 8 index. He seemed like the best golfer ever. To imagine a scratch golfer at that point led to images like I saw when I'd go to Tour events. I thought it must be almost identical. Maybe the pros were just a little better at putting, I thought. Then the past two years, I've had the pleasure of playing with a couple of honest...
for me, it tends to be the opposite. I've even talked to some low hdcp guys I play with about it. What I've guessed is the issue for me is that when I'm on a level surface, with a perfect lie, I let too many technical swing thoughts get in my head. On other approach shots, I may be in the rough, on a downhill lie etc - in those cases, it becomes more of an athletic endeavor for me, I just swing to try to make good contact with the back of the ball - I will say that...
I think it would be a nice touch if the rival was a loose cannon type too - like the stories I've heard about Walter Hagan, a little crass, womanizer, who didn't always say the right things - I doubt that type will ever emerge, because with all the sponsor money available a person would have to be a moron not to be to have a squeaky clean image - but it would be an awesome i've probably watched too many movies
another must make 20 footer for the tourney on 16, and he just crams it in the hole - it is cliche and boring on the surface, but just so incredible at the same time - its really, really unbeleivable -
I was looking forward to really getting into the tourney today, but this damn tennis match is going to leave me with nothing left in the tank! Imagine if Tiger and AK go to like 6 extra holes or something, could be an epic day in sports!
just checked the weather for DC (where I lived the first 29 years of my life)... and it looks miserable - rain all day starting at 5am thru the night - ugh - I hope its scattered enough that they can play a decent round
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