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Sorry I've been busy, it is the SV, not the victory
yes they are
Wedge has been hit MAYBE 3 times, it is just sitting in my garage. Silver finish. Will have pics up soon. $60 shipped including paypal.
bump make offers
willing to trade for some brand new footjoys and a little cash on my side?
uh PBR? hahah I like Blue Moon and Shock Top
Sergio spit in the cup, where there were others still to finish out the whole and they could potentially get spit on their ball because of Garcia. I saw Campbell spit a lot too, but it wasn't on the greens, totally different altogether. Total form of disrespect from Sergio by spitting in the cup. The course was the same for EVERYONE, he is dumb to say it was unfair...12 under was the winning score for damn sake
Thats a huge improvement over your previous best! Congrats, now spend a little more time chipping and putting
Free-ninety-nine I would assume
New Posts  All Forums: