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Everyone knows, the second golfer is a much better golfer!
My children are grown and out of the house, so I have time.  Plus, I joined a "country club" (I use the term losely) and have unlimited golf.  A family owned business in Kansas has been buying up country clubs that are either going bankrupt or are bankrupt and changing the business model.  They charge a pretty low monthly fee that gets you unlimited golf (without a cart) and makes playing very reasonable.  I pay $600 a year and this year will play close to 50 rounds, plus...
So the title to the post is definition of good ball striker, IMHO, there are two aspects to this, one is hitting the ball solid on the club and second is hitting it in the direction you intended.  The first aspect to this, can't be measured, the second one can.  So you can score well by miss hitting a lot of balls straight and a proper distance and you can strike the balls solidly, missing your intended target and score not so well.  So maybe its just in the wording, but I...
You've never heard about it, because the liberal media would never report it.  It has happened, http://www.buzzfeed.com/ryanhatesthis/10-potential-mass-shootings-that-were-stopped-by-someone-wit#dp3t61
Like the rest of us, any time I can play is my favorite, but if I had to pick, Spring.  I can't golf all year long in Kansas, so I put up my clubs in late November/early December and pick them back up in late March/early April.  So for me the start of the new season is always my favorite time.
I putt left hand low, and could adapt to putting left handed, I've experimented with it, just don't want to buy new putters.  One of my old playing buddies was left handed, but learned the game on his dad's right handed set, so his full swing was right handed and he putted left handed.  He was an average putter, not great, not poor, he is a pretty decent golfer as he is a great ball striker and long.
30 for me, which is lower than I expected, but maybe more realistic than I know.  Bad weather doesn't bother me, I actually kind of relish it, course is empty and no pressure, if you play bad you have an out.  After 40 years of golfing, I have my "natural" swing, no amount of practice or teaching will get me to scratch.  When I'm not hitting the ball well I score, very unlikely, not that it hasn't happened, it is golf, everything happens, but the odds of scoring well...
I still have one of them, but I don't play it!
I much prefer a push cart to a pull cart.  I honestly quit using a pull cart and went to carrying my bag because the pull cart put so much strain on my shoulders it was hurting my game.  Having my arm behind me and pulling was VERY uncomfortable to me, so I started carrying as the push carts were not even around at the time.  Eventually I got to the point where carrying was too much on my old back and started riding.  Now I'm back to walking with a push cart, I got mine in...
I'm fortunate, my brother lives close by and we joined the same country club, so I have someone to play with a almost all the time.  If he wasn't as close, I would probably get in on the Men's club and play, I'm sure I would find a few guys that I would hit it off with and be able to enjoy a round of golf. 
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