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I got my first and second eagles in a three hole stretch.  First one was a 503 yard par 5, Driver, 3 wood on the front of the green and roll in about an 18 ft putt for my first eagle.  Next one about 15 minutes later on a short, 307 yard par 4.  Hit a 2 iron in the fairway and a GW to an elevated green, didn't see the ball go in but it was in the cup.  No clue what my score was for the day, but I know it wasn't low, the eagles were just dumb luck.
I've not had my gall bladder removed but did have my appendix removed, I was 8 weeks out from surgery before I could swing a club.  The first 3 or 4 rounds were a little difficult, I was very sore even though I had been to the range and hit balls prior to playing.
I think if you get any stronger than 45, it becomes difficult to fill the gaps.  
Yes, peanut butter!  Makes no difference, if it's peanut butter, I'll eat it.  I've been a peanut butter fan all my life, use to have a peanut butter sandwich every day when I was in high school and when I got home, my mom would drop 4 slices of bread in the toaster and I'd have peanut butter and grape jelly for my snack before supper.  I burned a lot of calories as a kid!
I rarely take a practice swing, I've hit thousands of putts in my time, I don't need practice.  I'm wired to get my read and hit the putt, no special reason other than I find my first instinct is usually right and if it's not, no amount of "grinding" will improve it.  
Scott Cameron 2011 Fastback 1, I started playing it with the start of the 2012 season.  I think I've landed on the putter that works best for me, I played blade style putters like the SC Newport and the Ping Anser for years, but the Fastback is the right size between a blade and a mallet.
I don't warm up, at my age, I don't have an extra 30-50 swings in me.
I got "the letter" last year.
I haven't worn a glove since 1992, when I watched Fred Couples win the Masters without a glove.  For me, it's just another piece of equipment that I have to replace several times a year and I don't see where it helps me.  
Homemade chocolate chip right out of the oven.
New Posts  All Forums: