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I would agree with Hammer
Not to say I expect them, but I wouldn't be a double digit handicap if I didn't have them, so when they happen it's not like I react like my dog just died.  I simply try to find a way to minimize the impact.  I try to put the bad shot out of my mind and focus on what I need to do to salvage a decent score on the hole.  In the case of a bad hole, it's more of a focus on making sure that I don't let that one hole hurt a good round.  If I shot something in the low 80's and...
Not sure I know the longest time it's taken me to play, but I know the longest it's taken me to walk off the course.  A buddy and I didn't have a tee time, but went to a course to play in the early afternoon.  We got on after waiting maybe 20 minutes, but when we finished the front 9 in a little over 3 hours, we left the course and didn't finish the back 9.
NFL over NBA, but NFL isn't my favorite by far, much prefer NCAA basketball, then NCAA football, then NFL.  Through the years I've lost interest in the NFL, if you would have asked me 20 years ago I would have said NFL, hands down was my favorite.  If only I would have had a little insight, but my college buddies and I started a fantasy football league when we were in college in the late 70's, if only I would have known then what I know today!
I've never done it but a friend of mine shipped his clubs via FedEx and said it worked great.  He travels for his work and was meeting his family in AZ during spring training.  He shipped his clubs on Monday before he flew out to work and when he flew into AZ, the clubs where at the hotel waiting for him.  I think round trip was about $150, he said it was much easier than lugging them thru the airport.
I too have 6 pair of spikeless shoes, of them all, FootJoy Contour Casual Golf Shoe, are my favorite.  I have two pair of them and wear them the most.  I don't have any issues with wet grass and have worn them during a rain without issues.
Generally speaking, ball flight is what is effected by flex, which in turn can effect distance.  For example, if you have a slow swing speed/slow tempo and use a stiff shaft, you might hit a pretty low ball that doesn't carry as far as softer shaft that would fit your speed/tempo. 
I wear either a short sleeve rain top from Zero Restriction or one of their vest.
Big Zero Restriction homer, all of my rain gear and wind gear are ZR.  If you pay full retail you will pay for it, but I've bought all of my stuff from The Golf Warehouse after they drastically mark down the price. 
Water and a peanut butter Cliff bar.
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