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Royals, because I live in KC and have been a fan all my life, well actually, all the Royals life.  When I was little, I was a Cardinals fan, because my grandmother was and the Royals didn't exist, but once they came to town I switch my allegiance.  Cheered for them through the glory years and still support them.
I too thought it was a testament to a VERY long round of golf, but I like the changing up a bit of playing to make it interesting.  My brother and I from time to time look for a way to change things up, we play the same course all the time.  We generally always get in one round for the most forward tees.  Last year we played 4 round in 4 days, so we had a kind of best score skins and total score contest.  So his best score of the 4 rounds on hole 1 vs. my best score of the...
Completely agree, and you can throw in beginners.  When I came back to the game I use to play on an executive course that was actually a regulation front 9, par 36 and a shorter back 9 with 3 par 4's and 6 par 3's.  A lot of the time I would only play one 9 or the other, depending on what I wanted to work on.  Especially if I wanted to work on my iron play, I would play the back 9, play 2 or 3 balls, would only take me 60-90 minutes to play.  I could go play and be home in...
I would agree, chocking down might also create a slight counter balance to the head and that's also helping you to have a more controlled swing and better contact.  Check out the pro's, they don't grip the club with the little finger off the end, they have the butt of the club showing.
To play, of course, to watch, not even close.  Much rather watch college basketball (especially Kansas) and college football (kills me to watch Kansas but I do) then my home town pro teams (Royals and Chiefs) ahead of golf.  And that being said, prefer other sports over everyday tournaments, the majors, Ryder Cup, Presidents Cup, I'll watch those pretty much from wire to wire. 
I'm a wise elder?!?!?!?! If only my children then that..........
I'm with you all the way to that last game!  Kansas City has been nuts over the Royals this year and the turn out at the wild card game is pretty good proof of just how nuts.  There's not a ticket to be had for the two games at home, standing room only tickets are approaching $300, if you can even find one.  Support for the team has been great, last night I took my wife to Walmart just as the game was starting, I've never seen a Walmart so empty, there were five times as...
I picked birth, there's so much more to it that I can't explain, not that I can't write it down, but a feeling that's impossible to describe.  I have no issue with Horschel's decision, but I know for my wife and I, nothing would have been bigger than being there for the birth of our first child.
My brother and I usually give it a go from the shortest tees once every summer, just to shake up playing the same course all the time.  Best I've been able to muster is a 79, par is 71.  However, this summer my 82 year old dad came to play and we played from the whites, which is around 5500 yds, and I shot a 73.
I agree with BuckeyeNut, if you like the irons and hit them well, don't change.  I've been a big Mizuno homer for years and I kind of laugh as they bring out new irons, especially the blades, because I look at some of the "new" designs and they look so similar to the old ones!  
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