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I think it should be amateurs competing in Olympic golf, we see the best Pro's compete all the time, I'd like to see it as something different and special to amateurs.
I honestly can't remember the first time I broke 80, but it had to be 15 years after I took up the game "seriously".  I played in high school, stopped while I was in college and first married and starting a family.  Picked it back up when I was in my late 20's and have been playing regularly for the last 30 years.  I probably broke 80 twice when I was under 50, after turning 50 (still playing for the same tees) I've broken 80 at least a dozen times, with a personal best of...
Pitcher or Quaterback.  And forget John Brodie, I think for both positions, there's a element of picturing what you want the ball to do and then executing what you picture.  Probably a reason why so many pitchers and quaterbacks are good golfers, 
I have no data to support more intervals on tee times will or won't speed up pace of play, but I know for a fact that the two ladies that always tee off around the same time we do play fast.  They ride a cart, we both walk, but anyway you shake it, they play faster than us.  They don't hit drive much more the 175 yards, but they hit them straight, so they never look for a ball and they move it out.  I think slow play starts with the mentality of the people playing.
All for Leyna - Billy Joel Amanda - Waylon and Willie Beth - Kiss Bette Davis Eyes - Kim Carnes Brandy - Looking Glass Carolene - Bob Welch Dizzy Miss Lizzy - Beatles Eleanor Rigby - Beatles Frank and Lola - Jimmy Buffet Gloria - Patty Smith Hannah Jane - Hootie and the Blowfish Jack and Jill - Raydio Julia - Beatles Lorelei - Styx (the greatest american rock band, if not for some cynical a$$holes) Lovely Rita - Beatles Maggie May - Rod Stewart   I could...
Wilson Elite 50, soft and only $13 a dozen.
I'm a fan of the GPS devices and it really depends on the courses you play, just which one might be best.  I have the Skycaddie SG5, my brother has a Garmin, we find that our yardages are never the same, but always consistent, his is always 2 yards more than mine, trivial I know.  Also, the course that we joined is an older course, greens are round, some a little oval, none any more than 30-35 yards, front to back, so front/back/middle is all that is required and one of...
Same for me, I have found little correlation between how I hit balls on the range the day before or in warming up just before the round as to what I might score for the round.
Same for me, "hitting" the ball is just one part of scoring, how I hit the ball on the range the day before or during warm up just before the round give me very little indication of what score I will have at the end of the day.
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