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This happened a couple of weeks ago, my brother and I had a 8:20am tee time, it was the first one available on the website.  When we go to the course it was about to rain, but not big deal, we play in the rain.  We got to the course around 8, when to the pro shop and scanned our keyfobs, got our score cards and went back to the car to get our bags and push carts and headed to the first tee.  We no more then got everyday stuff out of our pockets and golf stuff into our...
Same for me, I carried from the time I started golfing until my mid 40's, but the strain on my back and knees was too much.  I bought a clicgear about 7+ years ago and prefer the push cart to carrying.  Hopefully in 4 or 5 years I can get my grandsons to push the cart and I'll really have it made!
I've got a set of the Ping Zing in nickel, they are considerably softer than the cast and I felt like they were softer than the copper version.  I've been hanging on to them as they will become my "I've become to old to hit forged with my arthritic hands" clubs!
Made my day seeing a golf ball port-a-potty!
I think it goes with the old saying, "the second golfer is always the best golfer", I know we have all absolutely blown a shot, reloaded and then hit a perfect shot.  So if you would give a good golfer, two chances to hit every shot, I think it would be unfair. But I completely agree with not getting upset about a scramble, I like playing them from time to time, it's a fun day with friends playing something resembling golf.
Playing a par 3 in a 35-40mph wind.  Hole was about 150 yards, I hit 3 iron and aim 40 yards left of the hole, the ball ballons, slides right 39 yards, 2 ft, 6 inches and ends up 6 inches from the hole.  The red line from Trackman would have looked like a rollercoaster after that shot.
I have a clicgear 2.0 that I've used for 7+ years, big fan.  I can't speak for the 8.0, but I like the more compact size that the 3 wheel version folds into.
I want to win a Callaway big Bertha. Jordan Speith -10 Rickie Fowler -8 Jonas Blixt -10
I don't know if a hole COMPLETELY owns me, but I go thru spells with a particular hole. Big pond in front of the green and you basically have to hit across the corner of OB/jungle to layup, can't carry the pond with a driver, so you have to layup.  I'll go months at a time without any issues and then 3 or 4 rounds in a row, I'll slice my tee shot into the trees or fat one into the pond.
I'm with Shrek!
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