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Better than it was 6 months ago but not the best it's ever been.
I voted 5+, I switched to a SC Fastback about 4 or 5 years ago and really don't see myself changing for many years to come. Over the last 20 years I've probably had 4 putters, a nickel Ping Anser, and a two other SC putters. But I think I've landed on "the one".
Same for me on the carrying part, but I still walk and use a push cart. Last year I play close to 50 rounds and only rode the seven rounds we played on a buddies trip.
I think I would go with most, I get that urban schools in NY or LA probably don't have high school golf teams. Those areas might have so many schools it cancels out most, but I would suspect of the 2167 high schools in the state of New York, there is a big percent that have high school golf. In Kansas of the 474 high schools approximately 350 have golf programs. We have 20 high schools with less than 50 students and even some of them have programs. If the rest of the U.S....
I usually have 2-6 sleeves in my bag, my home course is pretty ball friendly, I can go several rounds without losing a ball at times. Last year I played around 40 rounds on my home course and lost around 2 dz balls, I can live with that. However, on the buddy trip, we usually play 6 rounds of golf, I always take 3 dz balls and I'm happy to make it home with a sleeve!
It's harder than it looks, I've tried it and couldn't make it work, but I'm sure it was me. The local club builder that I take clubs to for fixing and tweaking can pull a grip off using air in a split second. I wish I could pull them with air, it would cut down my time to regrip.
I remember all my shots from a round for several days, even if I play on a Saturday and Sunday, I'll remember the rounds for a couple of days. I think I lose them as I get ready for the next week and do a little mental imagining of how I want to play my next round.
Go to the skycaddie website, create an account and then click on the Sell or Transfer a Device link.
Since I joined a country club, I print my own scorecards on stockpaper.  I customize the scorecard with stats I want to keep, I can get 8 score cards, front and back on the 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper.  Once I'm done with a round I key the stat's into Skycaddie.  If I play at a course other than mine, I just use the score card and keep my own score and stats.
Driver into the trees on the left, 4 iron back out into play, 5 iron (maybe the 4 iron) to the edge of the water and wedge onto the green, easy enought!
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