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I have the 56* SW and I like it. I won't lie to you, I have not tried anything else so I probably don't know if I am missing anything, but it's pretty good for the money. I am getting a 60* MPT10 this summer. Can't wait!!
They're available only in Europe. I have a friend who got a 50* one but didn't like it. I won't take his opinion for granted though, he's a 14 years old kid and his complaint was that "it wasn't long".
Excellent shop. Actually it's the only place I put my orders on and feel totally safe and satisfied. Spent over $1500 at their site over the last year, and will spend more this summer. (If only they carry MP T-10 wedges!!) The only let down is that they don't carry everything you're looking for like Golfsmith or Edwin Watts.They have a huge inventory but not everything you can think about. You just buy what suits you from their inventory.
By sending them back you are contributing to ripping off someone else.
Looks hideous. The only good looking PING irons are the new Anser forged.
Don't send him the clubs back. He will sell them to another person and you can't guarantee that other person will discover they're fakes. Just keep them, it's your right. They can remain as an emergency set or when someone's visiting.
PS: Why was the thread's name changed?? God, can't the mods on this forum keep anything like it is without changing it? Why do they always have to make us feel like we can't do a thing and they have to do it for us, even the slightest and easiest of things. What difference does it make to have the thread title "My swing (Golfaway)" than my original "Latest Swing Videos".....
So what exactly can I do to stop swinging over the top? And what do you mean by "pull"? you mean going to the left?? I thought over the top resulted in a slice.
It was a straight perfect shot right down the fairway. Not a trace of slice.
Nope, no slice. It was a good straight shot. I know it looks like I came over the top but it wasn't. I fall forward because of a previous left foot injury. I cannot get myself to remain stable on my left foot. Actually it was much worse but it's improving with time.
New Posts  All Forums: