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Well your mileage will vary as everyone has different faults. For me it was all in my release, I had a big hold off, or lack of release if you will. Once I learned to properly release the club my drives went from 200 to 250 carry and my GIR's when from 2 or maybe 3 a round to about 14... But again this was just me.
It just came one day... I was taking lessons like you, and still shooting in the 90's and dipping into the 80's if I was lucky. Then one lesson we really found something, now I am a 5.5.... If you stick it out and practice it will come. Feels amazing when you can finally shoot par or just a few over. Been playing seriously since January 2009, but I played a bit in my younger years so I had the fundamentals there.
I can understand that... The thing is i always have good contact and shot shape, good looking (as in center clubface, i know I add loft) shots just not alot of distance... 150 or so with my 7 iron... That works for me. I do concede that I need to work on the impact position, and will. However I finally have some consistency in my swing, which is a good feeling I may just enjoy for a bit before tweaking. I mean every shot I hit I can get it "somewhat" close to what I want...
I am almost scared to mess with it... shot an 80... 42 front and 38 back would have been a lot lower if I could putt.
thanks for the input so far guys
I have been trying hard not to cast, but the swing goes south when I work on it... With my instructor, too. I can get it when I am with him but then the feeling goes away. Drills for lag? And Shanks, yes, I am in the coast guard, but I am a pollution investigator so no search and rescue for me. But thanks for the appreciation.
Thanks for the input guys... here is the face on... losing angle at impact I know. Any drills for this? or positions I should be in to achive that lag? What else to you guys see. Thanks again.
Getting better, shot 42 today... and blew up (short game) so it is getting there. Comments and suggestions if you wouldn't mind
Just stop shooting worse... haha, no really, just focus on fundamentals, that is what I do in must score situations, your mileage may vary
125 yard par 3, hit a beautiful pw inches bellow the hole, easy birdy, i thought it was going in the pin though
New Posts  All Forums: