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Anyone know of any sites that have fantasy golf where you draft a team similar to fantasy football? Any fantasy golf ive played is just picking players from the tournament field each week but i havent been able to find any leagues where everyone drafts their own team. Thanks
Hey guys, I enjoy playing fantasy golf on Yahoo, but those are straight pick'em games where you pick you roster for the weekend based on the entries to each tournament.   Does anyone know if any of the major websites has fantasy golf that uses a draft style type league, similar to football, where you draft a team at the start of the year, and then throughout the year you can only play players on your team?   I'm not sure why this type of league isn't very popular...
Yeah I've gotten some good tips from the guys on these boards also. Been watching more and more golf channel lately also. I like watching "playing lessons frm the pros". Learn lots of little tips and tricks from them.
Can't wait to get out this season! A couple local courses have just opened so hoping my course will be open within the next couple of weeks. Went to one of the ranges for the first time this year a couple of days ago!
I'm 28 and have been golfing since around age 13 or so. Took about 4 years off though during university. Got back into it last year though, and suprisinly, surpassed my old handicap...wasn't expecting that.
Home Course: Brockville Country Club: http://www.brockvillecountryclub.com/ Grew up playing this course: http://www.prescottgolfclub.com/achievement.html
Financial Analyst for the past 3 years. Would rather be playing sports for a living.
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