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that is a great point I never really put two and two together like that before. I old man is always ribbing me for jumping to the old axiom of "blaming the club" and running out and buying a new one when one fails me, but in this case, I feel like you're right. Putting is a complete mental thing and if your head isn't matched up with a certain putter, change it up. I may take a trip to Golf Town this weekend haha.    
I am aware putting is almost an entirely mental thing. But thats why I asked in the forum almost, what to think rather, maybe not how to putt. I don't even know what to think standing over a putt because, as I'm sure everyone on here is aware, once you start missing putts, all confidence goes out the window and then you can't stop thinking about every bad putt you have hit.
the answer to the first 4 are no. i'd say 40-60% of my practice time is devoted to short game and being a full-time, working student-athlete, its doubtful I'd be able to accomplish an hour of putting daily for two weeks straight. Not until summer gets here anyway.    
I've always had the same approach to putts but this is the first, true time it's completely let me down. I never aim for the hole that leads to unnecessary overreading. I pick my spot and my line and let my feel decide the speed. I know it sounds queer but I was entirely self-taught. I have never had a lesson, from age 15, hacking it on the range or 19 now, when level par for 18 was almost unacceptable. I'm worried this is something in my head and not a mechanical...
Yesterday I played my second consecutive 18 hole round with over 40 putts. I hit 14/18 and 15/18 greens, and 12/14 and 14/14 fairways, respectively. But no matter what length, break, speed, or consistency of the putting surface I had in front of me to finish a hole, I have apparently lost the ability to putt effectively. So I'm asking, no, I'm begging, all of you scratch players and even 20 handicaps, there has to be SOMETHING to tell me to snap me out of this.   I'm...
its funny you mention that because I have done this before, just not in the winter months. there is a local soccer field about a mile from my house and my father and I go there and drop ten balls at one end and see who can get the most in the opposing net the fastest. its a fun little game but it keeps us competitive since I'm passing him in most other aspects of the game haha. Hitting the crossbar is an automatic victory for that round
Yeah I usually putt in my basement..approx. 100 putts a day. And I absolutely despise mats. They are the evil of golf. This past fall I sustained a stress fracture in my leading wrist trying to hit out of a hazard so I don't see myself hacking range balls off of a frozen mat anytime soon. I do go to the gym though. Try to focus on core and strength training, some flexibility too. 5 days a week. Gotta love the winter.
I actually do most of that lol. From going to a heated driving range to sitting in my living room with the Wii Remote, I've pretty much covered all of that. Gotta love New England -_-
Whats some stuff you guys do in the winter (I live in New England) to keep your game sharp for the following season? Due to eligibility reasons I could not play in any tournaments this fall for my school, but this upcoming spring I can so I need to be able to come out of the gates ready to go in March. Any suggestions?
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