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Traded this one in fellas. Thanks for the interest!
Sold. Thanks!
In my personal opinion, I love a 64* wedge. I find it easier to hit a 64* than open up a 60* I also don't think it's hard to hit but that's just me. To each his own!
Scotty Cameron Art of Putting Head Cover: $25 Shipped Scotty Cameron American Flag Head Cover (Titleist on top): $25 Shipped The "American Flag" head cover with Titleist on top is used and shows some use but good condition. It's the one I was gaming. The Art of Putting head cover is like new. No signs of use. Or you can have both of them for $35 Shipped. This is a good deal on scotty head covers. Look on ebay if you don't believe me. The silver studio select head cover...
Last price change: $175 Shipped
$185 Shipped
I've got a used Scotty Cameron Fastback I need to sell so that I can buy something else. It's used, but in great condition. 34" model and it's the first Fastback, not the 1.5. Asking $215 Shipped. PM for pictures.
I had an iphone... when my wife and I wanted a desktop we got an imac... when my HP laptop was stolen, we replaced it with a macbook pro. I won't go back to PC, period.
Thanks LAX. You've been a big help. I may go hit some drivers when demo days comes around... but I'm leaning towards keeping my burner and shaft shopping. The dent really does bother me too... not that it affects the driver, just because I know it's there. It kinda sucks... like if you have a scratch on your car even though it drives fine, haha. But if I replace my driver with an identical new driver, my wife will think I'm nuts!
Thanks for all of your help guys! Another shaft I'm thinking about checking out is the Fujikura Rombax Z708. It looks like a god one, although a very high priced one. I haven't thrown the idea of keeping my burner 09 just yet... but if I'm going to do that, I've gotta find the shaft that works. I'm almost to the point I'd like to find the shaft I love and always keep it - changing only the head if I want a new driver. I read that the Burner 09 I have is a low...
New Posts  All Forums: