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I can't remember off the top of my head what the SV value is, but having functional 100 yard and in shots would be very valuable IMO. With a few hours of time commitment, you could figure out your partial wedge distances. It would be worthwhile.
 Sound like something you need to work on.
That's horrible. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
 You must not watch too many infomercials. Of course there is silly.
 I like that course. I always liked the layout of Snyder Park in Springfield before it closed. Conditions went downhill significantly in the last few years before it finally closed. It's going to be a garden now. Seriously?!!! A garden?!!! Anyway, they don't let people drive the hoover craft for fear of not operating it properly and tearing up the golf course. A guy I work with is a certified hoover pilot and has one that he built. It sounds like there is more to it than...
Shot 45 last night. I started of with 2 scrambling pars and then a bogey compliments of a bladed chip from just off the green. I followed this with 3 doubles as I was rushing after slower players let me though. Realizing this and gaining my composure with breathing exercises, I refocused and par'd the next hole. I actually lipped an 8' birdie putt. Finished with a 3 putt bogey (I didn't trust what my feet were telling me on the break) and a bogey caused by trying to mash a...
 I'm already skeptical. Anything requiring physical movement requires practice. Having played the drums as long as I have, I still need to work on new patterns starting slow and increasing in speed. I didn't see anything discussing the science used. On the other hand, since I tend to cup my wrist anyway, maybe this is the perfect swing for me...
I'll go with last Sunday. @Jeremie Boop hit one off the toe of the club into the cart and it ricocheted back and hit him in the mouth.
It's nice for sure. The drive on #6 measured out at 282. I had another in the 270s. Last year, 250 was a great drive for me and now seems to be the average unless I miss hit it.
New record drive on Game Golf of 282 yards. It was so good, it rolled through the dogleg of the fairway.   We won't discuss what happened next...
New Posts  All Forums: