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Sarbanes-Oxley is kicking my butt. At least it's cold outside and not cutting into golf time.   Carry on.
Doing a Christmas party in a few weeks and need to find some more Christmas songs to do. We only have 2 right now.  
Heck no. That's a lucky ball and I want to keep using it!   When I get an ace, I will probably keep that one.   When... not if.
 It's takes some endurance, but a 5K is pretty easy. Will do. Cutting sweets for me is the biggie, especially this time of year.
I did when I was younger. when the metabolism slows, more cardio is necessary. I WILL lose 60 lbs by spring.Edit: I got in a 5k this evening.
I actually have to do cardio. Insulin resistance blows. I usually do weights and then about 20 minutes of cardio.
I appears to me that you are scouring the inet looking for a quick fix to your swing. I can assure you, there is none. You will find a lot of people willing to sell you a quick fix, but there is none. @mvmac and @iacas along with others have given you some really good advice that will get you started on building a really good swing. I will point out that they have asked for nothing from you. All I can tell you is that they are straight up guys that are willing to help. The...
 Meh. I would do that for a miniature candy bar.
Very true. The same is true for many endeavors. I've had kids come to me for drum lessons thinking they are going to jump on the kit an play like Neil Peart. It takes time, dedication, PRACTICE to learn anything physical. Drumming seems easy, but I can assure you that drumming is hard.
New Posts  All Forums: