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What typically holds up a golf course isn't a new player or someone who hacks it around a bit. Players who are playing slowly do. What I observe is people standing around socializing while someone in their group is putting and line up their putt after that player has finished. Ready golf... it's not just for seasoned players. 
The last few weeks have been an epic fail. I've been on the road this week without my clubs. I didn't play last weekend. @cbrian is probably ready to send a search and rescue team out to find me since I haven't posted to Evolvr in like a month. Hopefully this little break will cause my brain to purge all the bad stuff that worked it's way in to my swing.
 Is your cart girl driving an ice cream truck?
Playboy roll. Sooo good!
Day 3 in LA (Lower Alabama). I think I'm developing a southern dialect.
You have to stop using these highly technical terms. It gets confusing.
I'm thinking no, but it would be fun to play it on a disc golf course. Edit: I would probably be better at this than regular golf.
Yeah. If my wife can have a Coach purse AND a Vera Bradley, then this is more than an acceptable price. Just look at the size difference. I think I shall buy one.
No. Even in the best rounds I've shot, there are still the "ones that got away".
These were baked. I love them raw, but go with cooked in the summer months.
New Posts  All Forums: