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First tee time is 2PM
Then don't do that.
Uh oh.
Sunday afternoon at Sugar Isle. Who's in?
11AM on the Hawk if anyone is interested.
If there is one thing I hate, it's playing a scramble with people who can't play. I mean REALLY can't play. The Grizzly at Kings Island is pretty nice though. Drove it pin high on a 285 yard par 4 and into the green side bunker on a hole playing 305. I love it when you don't even feel the ball on the driver face. I need to do that all the time. Ok. This Saturday afternoon is out for me for the golf thing at Sugar Isle. Thinking next weekend.
I've started kneeling on the tee box meditating. Woosah.
I'm planning another outing in the next few weeks. I'm thinking Sugar Isle. Anyone interested?
Similar situation to my "home course" if they plan to keep the rough that penal, they need to increase the slope/rating to compensate. The management is impervious to complaints unfortunately.
New Posts  All Forums: