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Is this a speech like in the movie Mooseport?  
When I break 85, I'm basically not trying to force anything, and I don't get greedy. No matter what happens, I focus on getting the ball from where it is to as close to the hole as I can safely. Hopefully I can take my own advice here the next time I go out.
Nice! Could you have gone under the tree?
I tried "Aiming fluid", but it doesn't help.  The prescription for me is to get on the golf course more.
 I know. Perhaps they should each give a speech.
You should definitely tell them the gross score, but feel free to follow it up with the net.
I seem to be having trouble breaking 85 this year. My observations are that I'm first and foremost hitting fewer greens. In addition, my short game is not doing so well resulting in a lot of bogeys. Most recently, I seem to have my cranial-rectumitis and making a lot of stupid mistakes. When I correct these things, I will be back under 85 and maybe under 80.
Welcome to the site. Enjoy!
Welcome to the site from the US. I hope you enjoy!
Welcome to TST. You just reminded me to go play with my Dad. I haven't beat him in a while.
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