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I predicted to friends a while back the Cincy would pick up TO. They thought I was nuts, but I think it is a good pick up. I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned the "bad boy" picked up on the D side of the ball.
He is a good guy, especially for playing charity events where people will make fun of him. My thoughts are still that he needs a mental coach (lobotomy perhaps) not a swing doctor. Maybe Dr. Bob will take a crack at fixing him.
I think the tour will do just fine with or without Tiger.
I did once, but the windmill was broken that day.
At my course, there is sometimes too much sand and sometimes it's like hard pan. The only thing consistent is that there are stones everywhere (bye bye wedge). I think they are starting to replace it though. I hit into a FW bunker last week and it was like real sand. I didn't know what to do.
I feel your pain. I have been tempted to take a folding chair along with me and a golf magazine to pass the time waiting for a wave. I've been known to sack out on the tee box waiting.
I take one or two on short game shots for feel and 1 on putt, otherwise no.
I have to say that the lower cappers that I've played with seem to do a better job of caring for the course than the high cappers, but that is a generalization. I played with a few guys that were pretty bad the other day, but were good stewards of the course. They would fix a pitch mark or two even if they didn't make one. I left the course thinking maybe there is hope for the game.
I played a course Saturday and suffered a bogey on several holes that left me saying WTF. On several holes, I had what appeared to be a simple pitch to the green from the fairway, but the result was similar to a fat shot. The first time, I assumed that I hit it fat, but subsequent times I thought I made solid ball first contact and inspected the divots. This is when I discovered that there was about .5" of roots between the turn and the soil making it very spongy. Has...
Shot 96 yesterday at a tough course, but it was still net 7 over. I had my first quadruple in a long time.
New Posts  All Forums: