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Looked at the calendar. That's air force marathon weekend and I have a bunch of friends coming in to town. Won't be able to make it.
I saw that. It will depend on the job situation. Playing it by ear. I'm fighting a relocation to Buffalo. I had a first interview this week that went well. If I get a new job, I'll probably have limited vaca and be extremely busy getting up to speed. Might just drive up early Saturday. To many ??? To commit at this point.
I wasn't nervous or anything. I played with some really cool guys. I was already out of it. I Just couldn't hit anything. I did hit a 294 yard drive on #2 before I hit the next way right, 3 in a bunker, 4 in a different bunker, out, then two horrible pitches and a 3 putt. Kittyhawk is a piece of **** and if you don't keep it in the fairway, you are hitting out of nappy crabgrass or weeds. The greens are slow and inconsistent, so I wasn't putting worth a crap. I'm playing a...
101 today. Two worst rounds in recent history. About time to call it a year.
First competitive round... 92. I tripled the two easiest holes on the course.
Thanks! I found my game golf unit, so hopefully I can upload the results.
I'm all signed up and ready to go. See you in the morning and good luck.
Nice. Are you playing?
There is the KHMA championship.
Are you in KHMA?
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