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Welcome to to my world. Just wait for another 15 years.  BTW - Midol is a great muscle relaxer. ...and it will help you get in touch with your feminine side.
As a captain, I would like to see different members of my team playing a few holes of the different formats together, whether at the tournament venue of somewhere similar. It seems that there is little preparation for the RCup. I remember going to a practice round at Oakland Hills in '04. The US team played 9 holes in the morning and then went to some local mall to have some famous cheeseburgers or something. You could call that team building, but 1 US foursome stayed and...
 I would encourage you to track you Handicap. Learning is good, but having a handicap is truly enlightening.  No, my scores have been a wreck all year. I haven't played/practiced nearly enough as @iacas mentioned, especially since my golf club closed back in July. I will likely re-join the city courses next year or somewhere else and get back to playing 3 or more times a week.
Quote:I know. I know.
Or, in my case, un-improvement. =\
You're welcome. Best of luck!
 Yes, then I prove them wrong in front of the executives. As long as they don't make it personal, which several FORMER employees did, it's in fair territory. I've had many heated arguments with people, then we go have a beer and go back at it the next day.
@iacas - They brought a new pane of glass and popped it in the frame.
New Posts  All Forums: