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That's much better. Sorta.
I have Casey in. The rest of my picks are pretty much crap.
Can we get back to complaining about winter?
 That was nice of you, but might not have been the best idea. j/k
I heard a rumor that my (former) club has a new owner. I went to the web site and it routes to the Martis Camp member login site. Hmmm....
What intrigues me about this product over GG is that I wouldn't have an extra device to charge or potentially forget. I also don't have to go plug it in to sync my round. However, Apple's NFC on the iPhone 6 is only for ApplePay, so I would have to switch to a Droid phone to use this. I just don't see that happening.
That I don't know.
I imagine. Welcome to the site.
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