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No, but they often selectively call (or not) penalties. It's actually pretty disgusting to watch.
I'm an IT guy, and it frequently requires high front snap kicks. If you aren't beating up on your users, ur doin it wrong.
Just remember how the Grinch ended up at the end of the story. On another note, here is a pic a snapped from the menu at my favorite wing joint.
My wife says my Christmas ligts are driving her crazy. My work here is done.
Yeah. Or he is a massochist.
I'm not holding my breath. They need to spend the next week practicing at night.The loss to the Browns was a night game. The big problem is that Coach Lewis is too nice. He needs to give the kill command like other coaches. They will never go far playing clean football.
At the deli up the street, they have a sandwich called The Dalton Burger (replaced the Palmerwich). I told the owner that he should post a Choking Hazard sign on it after last year's 1 and out playoff loss. He did. I just looked for the pic on my phone and couldn't find it.
They will still screw it up. Next week is MNF against Denver. Nuff said?
The main thing I want is equality in penalty calling. It simply seems like the officials are favoring one team over another in most games that I watch. Perhaps it's perception, but it just seems like some teams are allowed to get away with murder while others get flagged for a slight infraction.
New Posts  All Forums: