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Will try to. Supposed to be stormy on Sunday.
Too bad you can't make it to our gig Sunday. Gonna be cranking some 60s rock hits.
 My work here is done.
Swing harder!
Get rid of that flip to gain yards with your driver. Then you won't have a gap.
FWIW I would say to wait until the right one finds you. Putting a bad club in your bag just because you can afford it doesn't make much sense. JMHO.
I might try to get 9 in on Monday, but honestly, I in a financial hole bigger than Texas, have a gig on Sunday, and a ton of stuff I need to catch up on around the house. I think I'll go through a bunch of my unused sound equipment and start listing it on Craigslist.
@MS256 - At least they are on the outside of your house.   http://rare.us/story/woman-rarely-went-into-a-room-in-her-home-but-when-she-did-recently-she-was-in-for-a-buzzing-surprise/
 Hopefully it's under warranty. Trans jobs can be expensive.
If you get it, hopefully you can hit it better than you did my 3W the other day.
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