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To practice distance, I like to putt to the fringe from varying lengths. After doing this enough times, you tend to develop a feel for length of swing to distance of roll. I don't think I would want to watch the hole while putting. I like to watch the spot below the ball after the ball leaves.
My club is doing a Deep Tine Aerification which is supposed to recover in a matter of days rather than weeks. We'll see how well this works.   I hate greens that look like my teenager's face because other players don't repair ball marks or repair them incorrectly.
I see them making birdies on tough holes when the pressure is on and some clutch putts. I've seen them stick some wedge shots and even hole some. I'm not trying to be argumentative, but that's not talent?
Beavercreek is an awesome course. I've only played Yankee once years ago. It was probably just the day, but play was extremely slow. Heatherwood is also an awesome course. I love the layout of Moss Creek, but the conditions are... meh. Sad story with that one.
I don't know think I would say they don't have talent. I would argue that there aren't too many people here who could stand in a similar situation where the stakes are that high without their heart beating out of their chest. I'm pretty good at controlling nerves/emotions, and I can guarantee that my knees would be knocking and hands shaking making my worst shots would come out. I played a competition once where they painted a bulls-eye on the green, and it does weird crap...
Yep. The city league pass is a great deal. Kittyhawk is closest to my house/work and my company has a golf league there. I like to play Homestead up in Tipp too. That place is always in great shape and reasonably priced. This year I bought a membership at Gem City GC. I've been making good use of the practice facilities, but hope to make it out on the course this weekend.
Where do you play at @saevel25?
Come to think of it, I might order up some White Castle burgers too.
My selection of the famous Cincy style chili is partially strategic. ;-)
I think this game threw several of them for a loop. Perhaps they haven't played much BJ, but that me scratching my head too.
New Posts  All Forums: