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It's so you can locate the cart girl.
No matter where we play, someone usually yells out "FREEBIIIIRRRDD!".
It's still pretty sore. I re-injured it Friday evening chasing a dog that escaped.
Here's a pic from yesterday's gig. The rain held off for the most part. We did have a shower come through and I figures out that I was completely under the canopy.
Only 1 round posted at Whispering Woods and a drop to 15.1.
Nice driving @mcanadiens! Hopefully you capitalized on most of them. I was going to ask how it went. I ended up driving down to visit the family at Kings Island after band practice. Then it rained.I got wet.
Will try to. Supposed to be stormy on Sunday.
Too bad you can't make it to our gig Sunday. Gonna be cranking some 60s rock hits.
 My work here is done.
New Posts  All Forums: