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Yeungling. Good stuff. I'm not a fan of Chipotle. I go to Hot Head Burritos since they're a locally owned chain (and better IMO). Let us know if you're ever in Dayton again.
 Ditto.  I think they need to open one of those in Ohio.
This reminded me of the ride @iacas gave me in the Golf Evolution car.  
Dang it!
You had me at beer and burger.  Glad you figured it out. There is a place in McAllen, TX called Taco Palenque that serves Taco Bell type food (only good), but they have chests of iced down beer on the counter. They also have a condiment bar with hot sauces, peppers, etc. This is what every Taco Bell should be.
No for me. The press would chew me up and spit me out when I pointed out how stupid there questions are.
 No, but it needs to make a comeback!
Thanks. She's about to lose her mind.
After seeing another specialist this morning, we still don't have an answer on my wife's coughing fits that have been happening since Oct. Her lungs, heart check out and the GI specialist doesn't think it's related to reflux. At a loss here...
I don't take it personally. I just want to point out your negativity towards those who really are trying to help. We are not being negative. We are being realistic.
New Posts  All Forums: