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I snuck out to shittyhawk. apparently their baler is still broken.
I overslept. Looks like I'll be sneaking out for golf later.
I will have to check availability in the morning. It might be tough to get a tee time in that time frame.
Sure. What time?
  Where did y'all play? It opened up after the first few holes on the front, but the back nine was creeping. We ended up leaving. It took 90 min to play 4 holes. Stinks because I shot 42 on the front with a quadruple on the first hole.
That was horrific.
15 minute wait on every tee at Beechwood. Don't even think about coming out here.
That's my strategy usually. Of course they will keep doing well on the bench then.
  I need to be done (AND HOME) by 5PM on Saturday.
I think so. I've spent all season with hot players on my bench. I've also learned that swapping them in is the kiss of death.
New Posts  All Forums: