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55. Thankfully, handicap posting season doesn't start until tomorrow.
You asked for it @RFKFREAK. It's a whole lot of UGLINESS.The wind changed directions from the nice warmness of this morning and started blowing out of the north. It got cold and nasty. Wind was howling.  I'm misshitting my 3W so bad, GameGolf thinks I hit it 71 yards. I'm miss hitting almost everything. I'm leaving for FL and don't even want to take my clubs it's that bad.     https://www.gamegolf.com/player/sknick/round/240175
I won't.
Welcome to TST. Thanks for bringing some sun in with you. It's been a long winter in the US.
Welcome to TST. Glad to have you.
 I actually found an old "Dream" thread and bumped it. Well... golf league starts tonight. Going to be very windy. Should be interesting.
I have a recurring golf dream where I am on a tee box that is impossible to play from. It does vary a little bit in terms why it is unplayable. It has been between two trees with only 4' clearance between them or on a wood bridge that you can't get a tee in to. I tried putting a tee in between planks of wood, but it kept falling over in my back swing. On time, it was behind a stone wall. I usually wake up PO'd and in a bad mood for the rest of the day.
This gave me an idea for a new thread.
   My grip isn't in the palm, I just flipped my hand over and opened it trying to show the angle that the grip should go through the hand. I don't think it came out very well. I basically want to point out that you don't want to make a fist around the grip as it appears. At any rate, I agree with the pic from Grip Thread that I linked early on. Carry on.
If you are with Evolvr, then you are in great hands. Just some feedback on recording your swing, make sure the camera is aimed down your toe line, not your target line on DTL shots. On FO recordings, make sure the camera is centered on you. It appears to be out ahead of you. Review this post on recording your swing. It will help us as well as the Evolvr instructors.   On your grip, it looks like you are making a fist around the grip. The grip of the club works better...
New Posts  All Forums: