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i must be old. i actually used one a long, long time ago. interesting, but really not worth taking a club out of the bag for IMO.
I was curious if anyone had any opinions/reviews on the Adams Speedline Fast 10 line of drivers and fairways woods? I am in the market for a driver and 3 wood and there's a special at a local store where you get the 3 wood free if you buy the driver. I've always played Adams Hybrids and loved em, but have no experience with their drivers or fairway woods. Thanks in advance...
Yeah, that was a heck of a round and a great way to start the year. Chip in on 18 for the win? Nice. Yes, Japanese girls are all about looking the part when they golf. I saw a lot of them when I worked at a golf course in Hawaii as well. I used to live south westishof Tokyo in Sagamihara. I miss it there, Japan is probably my favorite place to go and I'm hoping to go back soon. Enjoy Japan Mr. Robato (lucky)! Happy golfing...
I've seen them both in person (actually took a picture with Ai) and I'll respectfully disagree with you :). I'm not saying Momoko isn't attractive, just prefer Ai. But what part of Japan are you in? I used to live there for a number of years and i agree, there are a number of girls who are much better looking than both.
I'm partial to Ai Miyazato myself.
not as bad as telling him you slept with his wife... ...seriously though, what was your motivation to tell him?
...at Evian Masters. This should be a fun one to watch...
...making a hole-in-one ...at augusta ...on 12 ...actually, i live in hawaii, i'm always happy
You only live once. Go play.
well, to reveal my dorkiness, i enjoy building computers. I'll build em for family and friends. i'm like dell...only it's just me...and i don't have a spokesman who tried to acquire some pot......poker is also another terrific hobby that costs me lots of money...
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