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Not sure where this should go but... Are there any websites out there that one should check out if thinking about visiting a golf/vacation resort? We've been thinking about heading out to a lot of places but some of the top choices at this point would be - Las Vegas, Phoenix, Orlando, or Myrtle Beach. I'm sure she has more in mind but these are the top picks right now. Just need someone to point me in the right direction when it comes to gathering info for something like...
kpaulhus - thanks for the suggestion ElWagonne - PM sent
I know it's been about 2 months since anyone has posted in this thread but...I'm new to the DFW area. Working in Burleson and staying in Arlington. I don't really know anyone that golfs around here and would love to maybe join in with someone for a weekend round. Message me on here if you'd be interested in a round sometime. I'd be up for a round anywhere in the metro.
I'm new to the Dallas/Fort Worth area (currently staying in Arlington) and looking for a few guys to play a round with on the weekends. I'm open to playing any course, anywhere in the metro. Just played Texas Star yesterday (great course). Haven't had a chance to play as much as I would like so currently playing to around a 15 handicap but would love to go out and just have a nice round with some fellow sandtrappers. Let me know if you'd be up for a round sometime.
I'm currently hitting my irons great (for me). Accuracy and distance control is acceptable for me right now. Having a problem with consistency with the driver though. Seems to be all over the place now (not one given miss but instead i'll hit 1 low and left and the next high and right). I'm a natural "picker" of the ball and tend to have a shallower swing. Just wondering if anyone can diagnose the problem with the given description (probably not)? I'll try to record...
Physical Therapist
I'm currently doing some travel work for a company that places you for 13 week assignments all throughout the United States. I plan on taking advantage of this and going to places that offer some decent golf in the area. I'm currently in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Tx area and after this assignment is over, I'll be off to the next. Just wondering if you guys could recommend me some places I should check out that have some good golf in the local area? My current assignment will...
Hello, I've been looking for a place to call home when I graduate and believe the Tampa, FL area has a lot to offer for my golf addiction. Just wondering what areas around Tampa you would recommend for easy access to public courses/practice facilities? I'm pretty open to any and all suggestions so please recommend as many as you want but please leave reasons why you chose that certain area. Thanks.
The four 5 looks great but I have read that it has a problem fitting correctly on the back of a riding cart. Therefore, it is pretty much out of the running.
Hello, Need a little help finding a bag that will fit all my needs. Here is a little info to help you, help me choose... 1) I ride in a cart 95% of the time. Other 5% I carry (never use push/pull carts). Must easily fit on the back of a standard golf cart. 2) It needs to be a stand bag b/c I like going to the range and need to be able to get to the clubs easily. 3) 14-way divider would be ideal but not necessary if the bag has full length dividers that will eliminate...
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