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one thing i have noticed is a problem for most amateur players is the unwillingness to use the putter more from just off the green. Now this is not a good idea if you are in some deep rough right off the edge of the green but from shorter grass where the lie is rather tight is always better than trying to hit your 60. I only tend to use my lob(58) wedge when i have something between me and the whole (ie. bunker, water, tree, hill, etc). I usually use my PW to chip. ...
wait a minute! Tiger not in form yet. Did you watch sunday at Bayhill? He only posted the low score of the day (67) and erased a 5 shot deficit. I think he is hitting his tee shots more accurate than he has for long time. He is stuggling with a shot here or there, but who doesn't. And seriously, how many players would have made that put on 18. i'm willing to say less than 2% of the top 250. With that said. i'm not betting against Tiger.
honestly! would you ever thing a pros would serious even contemplate using those?
i bought a scotty cameron about 8 years ago from a guy at my local country club. paid $150. I've since cut it down twice to about 31 in (i'm short). And it was the best investment i've ever made.
just like Tiger's 2 shots on 18 today. and how good was he out of the sand on 14 and 17. omg did you see those 2 shots.
16, 17, 18 aren't the easiest on sunday either
Look at the courses that have played in the last few weeks. Pebble Beach, Spyglass, Poppy Hills, Doral, Bayhill, Riviera and PGA National. These courses are some of the hardest that they play all year. Prep for the Masters? I rest my case.
you might wanna check that 7 year thing. i'm pretty sure he won his first masters in 1997. so that would make this year 13? Tiger by far has the advantage with the technology. But look at hit swing. He has the best swing ever and proves it by hitting some of the most amazing shots. If you watched his round on thursday at bayhill. He slice a 9i from the bunker 30yds left to right and landed just short of the green. I wanna see the top 150 on tour hit that shot and...
except for the part where they are having trouble getting enough play so far this year. didn't you hear? we are in a recention.
Would you hit a 100% sand wedge or take a longer club (such as the gap or pitching wedge) and hit it softer? Not looking for any help, just looking to see what is going on out there.
New Posts  All Forums: