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Yeah, I already started looking for a 54*. The gap between my Gap Wedge (50*) and 58* is too large!
Just picked up a slightly used Callaway X Series Jaws 58/8   My other wedge is a worn out Cleveland DSG 56/14    Looking forward to getting out there and playing it. Most the courses I play have hard sand, so this should help me with those awful bunker shots.   Mind you, last Saturday with the DSG hit one perfect out the bunker to sink it for a birdie on a par 3.   Now on the hunt for a 54 degree wedge as well
Wanted one for years, but couldn't justify the cost. My brothers chipped in together and bought it for my 40th birthday! Love playing it. Distance control is excellent.
Thanks! Sorry for typo on Jordan's name, but as you can see on the title I had it correct there ;)
I will be using my convertible alot this summer to go to my golf rounds. It is a mid 2000 BMW, so has a smallish trunk.    The few times I used it last year I was able to fit my Callaway full cart bag and CaddyTek 13 cart, but it wasn't ideal. I would like a smaller cart + bag setup.   Any suggestions?
Ah, you are probably correct.   Did anyone happen to see it and what his gross score was?
According to TMZ, Phelps beat Jordon by 1 stroke, shooting a 72!   I don't get the Golf Channel, but for those of you that do, has he improved that much on the Haney Project?
I will spending a week in a townhouse right next to Highlands Reserve.   How is this course? Are there other nice courses in the area?   I will be playing as a single.
My brother and I are thinking of taking 3-4 day golf trip. We live in Montreal, Canada and would prefer to drive. How far south along the eastern seaboard do we have to go to find courses that are open?   I was thinking Virginia, but are there any courses open north of that that time of year?   Thanks.
So for my 40th birthday my brothers got together and purchased the perfect gift. Something I longed to have, but couldn't bring myself to spend the money on. Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 putter. It looks and feels amazing! Can't wait to try out, but courses have already closed in my area for the winter. It will be a long winter if I don't play anywhere this winter!   Also my wife agreed and a couple of months ago we purchased a BMW convertible for me 40th!!!! What...
New Posts  All Forums: