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There may be a few white clubs on tour soon. Here is a pic of Poulter's new white ZL driver that he posted on twitter. http://twitpic.com/34yxxt
Watching the tournament last night on the Golf Channel they showed an Asian player using a yellow ball. I thought it was Shigeki Maruyama, but I think he is sponsored with Bridgestone??? They did not state the brand of ball.
A Srixon insider on another forum implied that the yellow Z-star might see some play at this weekend Northern Trust tournament. It would be interesting if it does...
I think it is quite common for the ball companies to make customized or prototype balls for certain pro's. I have read that some of the Nike pro's use a One Tour D ball but with a softer cover than the "retail" version. I don't really see what the big deal is.
Are you sure? My understanding is that the Rapture, i15 and S series irons are manufactured in China. Basically anything with Tungsten or Titanium in them is made in China.
Yes, most of them have a distance calculator feature often called a "Mark" function. You press a button which starts the function and then you just walk to any point and it will tell you the distance from the original mark. Example, you can start the "Mark" from your tee spot and then walk to each of your balls and see how far they are from the tee spot.
I am not familiar with the I-506 but do have the I-701's...While the performance is excellent, I have to say I find the feedback quite harsh with them, much more than I had expected based on reviews I read. I previously had some MP-52's, which I stupidly sold, and the MP's were much better feeling even on mishits. I would describe the I-701's as having a large sweetspot for mishits, but a very small sweetspot regarding feel. Just my opinion...
There is more that goes into trajectory than just the type of shaft. The clubhead design and individual swing characteristics also affect the ball flight. Like many people say, you have to hit them and see which performs best for you. I am a high ball hitter (not ballooning) and I get about the same height from DG's, PX's and SGI shafts I have hit.
Edwin Watts should have them for $350 (4-PW) and there are some on eBay for $300 from reputable sellers.
You may want to check out the Srixon i701 forged irons. They are blowing them out now and can be found for as little as $300 with Dynamic Gold shafts. They seem very comparable to the MX-200 regarding size and sole, etc.
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