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solid review Jamo...i'm wondering why you went with the CB's instead of the MC's or even the MB's? you're a low single handicapper...?reason i ask - i know i had a tough time looking down at the CB over the others b/c of the length heel to toe...(looked very long)
i picked up a set of 4-PW TP MC's with some Project X (non-flighted) 6.5 shafts in them...good lord they're amazing clubs. i'll give some more thoughts after i have them a bit longer but, the flight, spin and control with these irons is amazing. very impressed.
no ones asked that and honestly they don't mean anything. just stamping. i was tinkering around when i was putting my initials in my CBs and figured i'd give it a shot on the 60 (i have 2-3 around in case it looked awful)...i'm going to be doing it a lot cleaner on my other wedges. just haven't had time. thanks for askin anyway!
Sick bag dood...love the wedges
look on the bay. i'm just going to warn you...an ATTAS 3 is going to set you back quite a bit. the original ATTAS line is going to set you back less than $150
i actually went with a higher launching shaft with the SLDR, even with lofting up. the ATTAS line of shafts is just flat out epic. the first series is fantastic in the woods/hybos and off the tee, i get great carry numbers with the ATTAS3 (even more than the DI).
Thanks! i actually just ousted the 913D3 from the bag for and SLDR 430...lolif you need a 3i 712 CB, let me know i have the one from the top of my set that i haven't touched
i count every stroke however, due to ESC every now and then when i post a card i will have to adjust my final score. i don't like to do it but, it is what it is. if i'm getting ready for a tournament i count every stroke, regardless of ESC and post it
Now for the final pics of my bag for 2014:
Staff bag came:
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