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i ground all of my clubs before address however i have experimented with not grounding my driver off of the tee... that is still a work in progress...
whatever you would like... it could even be one of each... i am just curious about what high end clubs people are buying right now/recently...and why they decided to buy THAT club... thanks
Just out of curiosity what is/are the most expensive club/clubs in your bag at this point? What was it about the club that made you decide to spend the extra $???
from my experience the only thing that really happens when you are using a shaft that is too weak is that you either push the ball, fade it, or slice it. This is caused by the shaft being still extremely flexed at impact... however... a looser shaft may help you temo so if you have a tendancy to leave it right then try out a stiffer shaft... if not then i think that you should be okay... but this is without looking at your ball flight and swing... hope this helps
just this last season i changed from my ping g2i anser to the new ping UG-LE and i love it... putting was an alright part to my game and now it is one of the BEST parts... i love it
very nice lookin sticks... hope they play well for you
Look for tour edge's Exotics 3 Wood. These fairway woods came out last year and they are a really amazing product. Not sold everywhere but if you have a nice high end golf shop near you give them a hit...
i think that it is a really good marketing device and if nothing else it would be a fun gift to give...
wow, it sounds like you got a killer steal... i hope that you hit is as well as you should... it is really hard for me to buy clubs without hitting them but regardless at that price it would be worth the risk good luck with it
wow.you did get a good deal on the clubs... good luck with them
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