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I'd say about 50 in the 2 1/2 years I started playing
Yeah! We made it. We did it guys! We're big time now. To all the detractors, to all those who said we'd never make it, to anyone who ever blew us off or planted a see of doubt that kind of rocked our confidence a bit,  IN YOUR FACE !   Wait. The Metro? What's that? Oh..
it's OK   I got the audiobook off iTunes because why not just download and listen instead of going through the excrutiating pain of reading a book! Funny story, I fell asleep listening to it and had a dream about getting my head shaved. I was in my bathroom taking a razor to the dome. Took forever, but I got the job done. Now I kind of want to get my head shaved.    Back to the uh, book. Yeah, it's OK. It's helpful and I'm going to focus on focusing more and...
Got in on GPPGolf's Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales this weekend and picked up a pair of Nike SV Tour Chrome wedges (56/14 & 60/10) for $25 each and a Nike Zoom Elite II Shoe for $50.
Any club you're not 100% happy with ? Taylormade's rep is their drivers/woods, so if there's one that you like, go get it.. Otherwise, new bag, new balls, new clothes, maybe ?
From this article..Man...I definitely feel awful for Mahan... Definitely rooting for him to have a good season in '11BTW anyone have link to the video of the press conference ?
He's playing in the WGC Shanghai and the Aussie Masters at the very least
Disagree...He was very involved all week on the greens helping Steve Stricker out.
I think he'll be fine in Medinah in 2012 when the course is set up favorably for long hitters..
My most disappointing player was Bubba Watson.. Don't remember a single highlight of his.. A ton of memories from this one - Jeff Overton's Boom Baby and playing as well as he did and sinking all those putts, Ricky Fowler winning the last 3 holes to halve his match and hitting two long putts on 17 and 18.., Tiger going 9 or 10 under in 15 holes in today, Cink's putt on 17 against McIlroy and McDowell after McDowell knocked it in close, Cink walked up slowly, ate a...
New Posts  All Forums: