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I agree w/fat slice....jump ahead a hole then come back around at the end if there's daylight. The duffer's won't catch up, and if the marshall says anything, just tell him to watch a few of their shots! Main reason for this is that many more people are taking up golf and they really don't go to the range or take 1 lesson. I'll grab one or 2 of the pro's cards/lesson deals, etc. if available in the clubhouse, then as you're playing thru--toss one on their cart seat. ...
Sounds like you're just hitting your irons fat. If you're taking a big, huge divot with anything but wedge, 9 and maybe 8, I'd figure fat shots. Hit the range and maybe see if you're needing to move ball fwd in your stance. I know if I really want to hit a low spinning shot, I'll move it back and I take a huge divot then.
I'd probably make myself a set first. Then try them for awhile at the range to see if I could play w/them. Just think about how odd it would be to hit a PW that's as long as a 3 iron? I think it would make short irons much more difficult to hit.
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