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I hit it for the first time last week. The face felt hot to me, not as hot as my G10, but hot. FWIW my SS is approx 114 and it was about 35 degrees out when I hit it. I'm looking forward to hitting it in Florida next week.
What's the flex of the shaft?
Sure do, thanks amigo. I had to re-grip it (faux leather grip was garbage) but other than that, absolutely no complaints
I have one and love it. However, don't buy one unless you regularly putt on quick greens. It's tough to get them to the hole with this putter on slow greens.
Love this club, can work it both ways, knock it down or hit it high and soft. My only complaint is I'm not a huge fan of the graphics on the top.
at 114 mph you should probably be using an X-Stiff.
I have the original X-Tour's which I bought new last year. I had them plugged with the Project X 6.0. They get up and out quick and offer me enough playability to get out of trouble in the trees. I suppose if I become a better ball striker as I gain more experience I may switch to something a little more traditional. For now, these are the perfect blend of playability and forgiveness for my game.
Better check into the lofts on both before purchasing. I believe the AP1 lofts are stronger than the AP2's. Under your scenario you might end up with quite a yardage gap between your 6 and 7 iron.
Erik, I've been kicking around the idea of switching to the V1 to get a little more spin in the short game. The V1 isn't quite as long, or so I'm told. That really doesn't bug me as I'm a fairly long hitter to begin with. What concerns me most about switching is accuracy off the tee. This is a difficult question to answer, but how big a penalty do you think you pay (accuracy-wise) with the increased driver spin?
According to Titleist, the V1 is more durable. I don't have much experience with the V1, so I can't vouch for this.
New Posts  All Forums: