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Sweet, I now have 13 career holes in one.
 I don't think its all that strange, it wasn't a few years, it was more than 10 years of virtually no play. Even now, I only play 10-15 rounds per year, when I was a 1, I played over 100 rounds a year. I stopped keeping a handicap altogether during that time. So it wasn't as though I had old scores that were going to be used. I started playing again, spraying balls all over the place and having a tough time breaking 90. So the handicap didn't really go from 1 to 13,...
 lol....I left an uphill 4 footer 3 inches short last week......for birdie.
Dude, compressing the ball is critical to getting to a certain distance, however at the pointy end the more compression doesn't result in a perfectly linear relationship to distance. More compression also results in more spin and spin dumps off distance. This is why guys like Luke Donald and Zach Johnson are probably only 1 club off Tiger. I consider that close, as I said I consider most pros to be reasonably close in iron yardage. That is what you seem to be missing. ...
 Good rules to live by, Phan is proving to be a nemesis quickly and just gets under my skin. I'm done trying to justify it until and unless he wants to show up somewhere with his wallet. :)
 Okay buddy, there is awful lot of disrespect there since you have never seen me play and do not know my history with the game. Prior to this season, I had played about 15 rounds in 5 years. You play 3 rounds per year and tell me what your handicap might be. I absolutely never practice. I have forgotten more about the game of golf than you will ever know.A 230 yard 3-iron, 200-210 yar 5-iron aint a rarity friend. That is pure and simple my yardage and I happy to prove...
 stop what? somewhere buried in the member swing threads, included is a 3-iron swing. Feel free to go judge after you view. Until then, no need to be a jerk.
Guessing he knocked a few over 3 bills at The Open Championship this year. :) But for a couple freaks, most pros club irons close to the same distances and I am probably close to Tiger's yardage with irons as are a lot of reasonably solid amateurs. He just does it more consistently and with better control! I can't hit driver anywhere near as long as Tiger, however. In the last 15 years, my HC has been anywhere from 1 to 13, so tough to judge a book by its cover...
 I'm the same as him, my driver and I have a fickle relationship. Usually I can still pull out a 3-wood, but sometimes I have to club down to 3-iron. I also hit 3-iron 240ish, 250 would be absolutely smoked, 220-230 slight mishit including runout, not all carry. Tiger hits it further than 230 off the tee. He's probably 250-260 depending on how soft the fairways are, 230 is probably all carry.
 lol....right after I wrote it I decided I was going to say it to a buddy of mine next time we play. He and I are huge smack talkers. We both run marathons, his PR is about 15 minutes faster than mine. Last time I told him I was going to run, he said "you mean fast walk."
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