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A common issue with the rough, at least for me, is grip pressure. Since one needs to hold the club firmly (so the rough doesn't close the club face too much), I tend to increase the grip pressure during the swing, which of course slows the club head down and leads to fat shots. When I keep a constant grip pressure but still relax my arms, the ball comes out pretty well.
There may be a lot of other differences that are easier to correct.  Before you spend too much time on trying to address the fact that you're up on your toes at impact or that your lag isn't where you want it to be, I think it's important to ask what you're trying to improve? Is it distance? Is it accuracy? Is it your score? And while it may seem to you that those are the two major differences between your swing and those of better players, there may be other differences...
Tell her it's really simple. You start with the easiest, lowest-number club, the 1-iron. You put the ball on a downhill lie to make it even easier. Then just swing easy.
This may be a small point, but while I really like the idea of keeping the arms and torso "connected", I find that the image of squeezing, or of the famous drawing of Hogan's "rope" around the arms, can create too much tension in the arms. I like the feeling of staying connected, but always try to make sure I relax my arms and shoulder muscles before initiating the swing.
My bet is that Tiger won't play. Even if his back feels a bit better, he must know he essentially has no chance to really compete considering his rusty driver and putter. He'll hang it up for the season and announce that he'll be ready again in the spring.   Rory is a possibility - looking completely in control. Sergio is also playing some of the best golf he has in years. Perhaps a repeat of this week's showdown?
Um, the fact that you one-putt 94% of the time, while the top PGA player one-putts about 44% of the time makes me think you're scoring is a little, how shall I put this, inaccurate.
I was B-Fit for Bridgestone Tour B330RX golf balls   1. Angel Cabrera -9 2. Bubba Watson - 8 3. Gary Woodland - 9
While it may be something as simple as your ball position, swinging harder, etc.. my experience is that since shorter clubs simply don't go as far as the long clubs and impart more backspin, errors just aren't as apparent (e.g. you're 30 feet from the pin vs. you lost the ball). We may think we're hitting the short irons well, but the relatively small errors can mask the same swing flaws that cause a driver to slice.   A video of your swing would be worth a 1000 words.
Not much to go on here.   A video is good idea. Also, if you familiarize yourself with ball flight laws, that would be a good start.   http://thesandtrap.com/t/61391/shaping-the-ball    
Now that I look at your swing again, it also looks like you're set up a little bit back on your heels. I think that in a good set up position, your knees should be a bit further out over your feet. See Adam Scott below. Obviously, there are a lot more qualified people on this board to comment, hopefully they will :)      
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