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If your front foot is spinning out, you either don't have enough weight on your front foot at impact or are trying to open your hips before shifting your weight forward. Search for 5 Simple Keys on this site and see Key #2.
It's also a catch-22. If you get angry after a shot, you have a much smaller chance of hitting the next shot well, no matter how hard you practice. Thus, getting angry will actually stop you from getting better. If you really want to get better, you'll have to stop getting angry.
I think understanding divots is crucial to learning and understanding a good golf swing.   The most important part of the divot is that it must start after the ball, which of course means that you hit the ball first. To do this consistently, your hands must be even or ahead of the club face at impact. If they're not, there's no way you will consistently take a divot after the ball.   Once you can do this consistently, you'll start noticing much better ball striking and...
  This. Practicing (or playing) with a bad swing will never make you better.
Hi, welcome to the board.   I've got an easy place to start. Before even thinking about swing, you should work on you set-up, starting with your posture.   You want to have at least a hand-width between your hands, while your hands appear to be much closer to your body. For a good thread, read this link.http://thesandtrap.com/t/56069/good-golf-posture   Best of luck!
I like your swing. Of course, there are a lot of things that people can (and will) point out. Especially those who tend to espouse a more controlled, mechanical swing. Your swing is free and natural right now.   Since you've only been playing two months, and you seem young, I suggest you avoid over-thinking the swing for now. Instead, go out and play a lot more, work on your short game. Learn to pitch and putt. Focus on basics only - setup, alignment, posture and...
The swing and tempo generally look very nice. Details are difficult to see because the angle on the face-on view is off and the camera is moving around too much.   I would take some better video and repost.
One thing to look at is your "early extension". Your lower body lunges towards the ball early on the downswing, causing you to stand up to make room for the club, which forces the club down on a steeper plane. If you look at most good golfers, they maintain their "tush line" throughout the downswing, giving themselves room to swing the club towards the target close to the original shaft plane.   Check out this thread:...
You said you had a push-slice. You definitely can have an out-to-in swing path and hit a push slice. I do that quite a bit!
I respectfully disagree. If anything, most amateurs turn their hips too little - trying to achieve the infamous, and essentially incorrect, "X" factor. Even McLean backed off his X factor a couple of years ago. Here's a good video on this:        
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