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I was B-Fit for Bridgestone Tour B330RX golf balls   1. Angel Cabrera -9 2. Bubba Watson - 8 3. Gary Woodland - 9
While it may be something as simple as your ball position, swinging harder, etc.. my experience is that since shorter clubs simply don't go as far as the long clubs and impart more backspin, errors just aren't as apparent (e.g. you're 30 feet from the pin vs. you lost the ball). We may think we're hitting the short irons well, but the relatively small errors can mask the same swing flaws that cause a driver to slice.   A video of your swing would be worth a 1000 words.
Not much to go on here.   A video is good idea. Also, if you familiarize yourself with ball flight laws, that would be a good start.   http://thesandtrap.com/t/61391/shaping-the-ball    
Now that I look at your swing again, it also looks like you're set up a little bit back on your heels. I think that in a good set up position, your knees should be a bit further out over your feet. See Adam Scott below. Obviously, there are a lot more qualified people on this board to comment, hopefully they will :)      
 That's the one. I was often kicking my right knee towards the target line in order to turn my hips, which is clearly not the way to do it. This drill helped my a ton. Not sure if you're doing the same thing I was though...but I don't think this drill will hurt anyone.
In the DTL view, it looks like you've got early extension - your tush line comes into view on the downswing. For me, this move makes it hard to stay on plane and causes me to get steep and/or over the top.  My favorite drill for this, from the 5SK guys, is curling toes up through the swing.
 Agreed. Tiger started with 2 bogeys today at the Open, which must have felt like a blow-up opening for him. But he was able to steady the ship and then have a great round. There is rarely a 9-hole stretch in which I don't have a triple bogey, or worse, which I consider a blow-up hole. I think it's easier to learn how to forget about them, and mentally rebound than it is to eliminate them.
Yes, agreed - you really need to be hitting a ball. Your no-ball swing looks tentative and is lacking any real pivot, probably because you didn't want to take a "divot" chunk out of your nice wood floor.   Makes me think, might be fun to have a thread with pictures of damage we've all done swinging golf clubs indoors. I've broken a chair, put some nicks in my LR ceiling, and taken a small chunk out of a coffee table. My wife was not happy with any of these "remodeling"...
These kinds of strains or tears can take a while to heal, and are often caused by repetitive stretching or twisting of the torso - just like in a golf swing!   Soft tissue injuries can take a long time to heal. I would go see a licensed physical therapist. They can put you on a rehab program to get you back on the course. Only thing is you have to listen to them, do exercises and stretches, and only go back when they tell you.   Good luck!
If your front foot is spinning out, you either don't have enough weight on your front foot at impact or are trying to open your hips before shifting your weight forward. Search for 5 Simple Keys on this site and see Key #2.
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