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Hi,   Your swing looks like it's improving quite a bit!   I've also started Evolvr, and will soon start a "myswing" thread as well.   I've struggled with lifting the torso as well. A few things that I feel have helped me:   1. A shortened backswing of course, which you're already working on 2. A steeper backswing, feeling like my left shoulder is coming down more, not just around 3. Allowing my hips to turn back on the backswing 4. A faster tempo, especially on...
 Ah yes, Chelsea Piers. From one NYer to another, head over to Randall's Island if you can - much more room and a much better deal. From what I can see, your swing looks very good. I think your best bet is having one of the pros on here help - if they haven't already.
What, no microchip in the book telling you who's reading it? What are you some kind of technophobe? ;)
 Depends on what you mean by 1-putt range. For example, tour players chipping or pitching from 10-20 yards from the hole can get the ball to within 5-7 feet. Obviously, amateurs would end up quite a bit further out than that. Even if you could chip to that distance,  many double digit handicaps can hardly consider 5-7 feet 1-putt range. Agree that GIR is not a great measure for amateurs, but there are other measurements (e.g. Near-GIR) that work better for us. I also...
Nice swing. Need a down-the-line shot to see more, but the club, which stays on plane the whole way through the backswing, looks like it gets steeper on the downswing. Also, the camera angle is off. See this post.
 I thought so too. But you can't hit a 2-iron 290 yards with those kinds of ball speeds.
 You're right. Apologies. Trying to be funny, but came off a little harsh.
Unless your golf swing looks something like this, don't bother posting it.  
Read this: http://www.shmoop.com/careers/professional-golfer/   Then go study ;)
Great post. I just want you guys to realize you have among the greatest jobs in the world.
New Posts  All Forums: