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 He does do that - see below - insane! If by "fun" you mean making poor contact and spraying it all over the place, then that's a great idea.  Seriously though, I think lifting the front heel off the ground is a terrible idea for most golfers. Odds of consistently putting it back in the right place at the right time are slim. 
 I do, and will reread it (wish it was on Kindle!). I agree. Thinking about it, there have been times recently when I will leave the range knowing that I changed the picture a little, and have accepted that as progress - even though the ball striking was poor.
 Totally. I refuse to leave practice session until I make good contact again and feel ok about my progress. Sometimes this means just clearing my mind, letting go of what I was working on, and taking small half swings and feeling good solid contact again.
 For one thing, your head holds your eyes, which obviously play a big part in your coordination. Moving them around makes the "eyes" part of "hand-eye" coordination a lot tougher.
Hi Bankquant,   Obviously, you're in good hands with @iacas and @mvmac, but one thing I noticed is how shut your clubface is in some of the recent swings. Not sure if it's related, but it sure looks like the balls on those swings start out way left.        
Welcome to the forum!   Even though the camera angle isn't great, you can still see that you're coming into the ball from the outside:      
Since you say your club is slowing down through contact, it sounds like the divots are deep. This means that you've lowered your "low point" in your swing, probably by either by steepening your downswing path or by dropping your head too much (or both). I would check both those on video.
 Personally, I have found that if you do the correct things with the body (i.e. turning properly) and keeping the hands quiet, you will find that the arms and hands naturally end up in the correct position. Like everything in the golf swing, you can overdo this. However, it sounds to me like you're on the right track. My 2 cents. :)
 This is good play for everyone, including pros. Golf is hard :)   Spoken like a true golf addict. Join the club.
Without a doubt. I do, however, find that if things get ugly, I can get things back on track by thinking about 5SK on the course, especially the first two. 1. Steady head: For me, this is the killer. When I'm not making solid contact, I'm almost always moving my head too much during the swing.2. Weight forward: While this is key to hitting the ball properly, weight forward for me can wreak havoc on #1 when not done properly. Sometimes I need to rachet this back to focus on...
New Posts  All Forums: