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I stand corrected! :)
I respectfully disagree with @Boogielicious on this one.   I think your problem starts with your head (doesn't it always!). It looks to me like you're dropping your head substantially on the backswing, then moving it forward on the downswing. This can lead to a lot of issues.   I would start with focusing on keeping your head still. For some clues there, search "Steady Head" on this forum.
 So hard to stop the arms once shoulders stop turning. So easy to overswing!
 I'm working on this as well. The instructors here prefer to describe the action as "sliding the hips forward", while keeping the upper body still. This will create a tilt, and will move your weight forward so that most of it is on your front leg at impact, but so you can still keep your head still. Take a look at this thread: http://thesandtrap.com/t/54115/weight-forward-and-secondary-axis-tilt
 Thanks! I had been doing pretty well on Key 1 (at least I thought so on video), but trying Key 2 has definitely thrown Key 1 off. I do have a mirror, and do quite a bit of work on it as well. I will definitely give evolvr a shot. @iacas @mvmac - is this a good time of year or are guys (and other instructors) on holiday this time of year? Thanks again.
I've been Playing Golf for:​ 15 years My current handicap index or average score is: 15.5 My typical ball flight is: Changing The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Poor contact   Hi all,   Have been lurking around the site for a few years (and posting here and there). I'm a big fan of the Five Keys, and have been trying to incorporate them into my swing. I've only gotten as far as #1 and am now trying #2.  I generally shoot in low-mid...
 Thanks @mvmac, extremely helpful. Will work on this over the weekend - hopefully we won't get much snow here!
Hi,   I've been working on 5SK (especially #1 and #2) following videos and advice on this forum. I've actually experienced some solid improvement in ball striking just focusing on these so far. I do plan on taking videos of my swing and signing up for Evolvr this winter.   In the meantime, one (of a few) things I struggle with is the hip turn. To really get a solid turn of 90+ degrees on the backswing (while keeping feet flared and knees nicely out), I feel the need to...
Billly Z, my case was pretty unusual. I actually had a shoulder injury playing hockey when I was a kid that had damaged my subscap. Because of the injury, I had a bizarre extra bone piece grow in my shoulder, and the subscap reattached itself to that automatically. My shoulder was always kind of weird, but I was able to play sports, etc. Then last year, while swinging a club, I felt something give. The surgeon actually removed the extra bone and reattached the subscap to...
I had a full tear of the subscapularis tendon (part of the RC), and had to have open surgery. The surgery was last September, and I was putting and chipping by February and on a golf trip by March. I was very good at following PT directions and did PT twice, every three times a week, with more stretching and exercises every day.   Definitely take your time, and let your PT tell you when you're ready.   Good luck!
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