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Sharpen mine as well, with one of those $8 groove sharpeners from eBay. I'd say it's noticable from the first swing if your grooves are pretty worn, especially on wedges.
If you're gonna be firing at greens, probably a hybrid would be best. They're designed to be as controllable as an iron (same length shaft) but will hit it higher so it will land softer. Most folks can't hit a 3 iron high enough as is, but if you can then maybe hit both and see how you feel. I'm not a big 5 wood fan, but that's just me. I play a 3 iron and 2 hybrid usually, but sometimes I put a 3 hybrid in the bag. Just depends on how I'm striking the ball.
Many Florida courses get pretty cheap in the dead heat of summer, and get expensive in the fall/spring.
I think you'll find most good golfers will swing as hard as they can and still maintain control and balance. For me, that's about 90%.
I'd venture to say they're not after the folks who get tricked into marketing gimmicks, you know. I don't think the "good and aspiring golfer" is gonna play a brand name just because some PGA touring player does (well maybe sometimes), I think those types of players are gonna play what's best for their game.
A bit off-topic, but this reminds me of one of my favorite all time jokes... and it happens to be about chili: Chili Tester at FunnyandJokes.com
Dibs on Tiger. Yea, I went there.
The Masters, because it's exclusive and probably the most prestigious event.
Not sure how it's measured, but you're probably right on that. Standard length seems to be 35"
I think it takes three things, and most everybody's got a different mixture of both in them (somewhere): Practice Time Natural Ability Proper Technique If you can get proper instruction, have some natural athletic ability and the time to practice - you can do it. In my opinion. But it takes all three.
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