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I am looking for an instructor in or near Manhattan. Any recommendations ? 
I will be going to maui in the first week of September. What are some interesting courses I can play at ? The plantation course is on my list. Any website where I can get cheaper tee-times in Maui ? 
Agreed but if it ingrains distance control on putts between 5 to 45 feet it might be worth it. Not really sure how effective this thing is though. 
Has anyone used the puttist ? Looks like a really cool idea to ingrain distance control on your putts . It is a bit pricey though.  http://www.puttist-usa.com/
Next time you go up there, try Eagles Nest. Its an awesome course as well, in the same league as Angus Glen.
how much does it cost to be fitted for all the clubs ? Any idea. Although I still consider myself a high handicapper , I think fitting might help drop my handicap by 4-5 strokes.
I play with a 10.5 degree driver and hit my driver a fairly decent distance ( 235 - 250 with roll). My playing partners have been commenting that I am hitting the ball too high which is probably robbing me off some distance. Would moving to a driver with lower loft (9.5 or 8.5) help gain some distance ? How difficult is it to hit a lower lofted driver ? Can i get my current driver bent to 9.5 ?
So birthday coming up, I am looking for a Golf GPS device not more than $300. I don't want to pay an annual subscription fee. What are my options ?
Anyone knows golf courses reachable by public transport in the New York City / Jersey City ? I am sick and tired of playing Van Cortlandt and Dyker. I need some change. I usually play alone or with a friend so zipcar is too expensive for us.
Here is a list of courses I like in the greater toronto area. - Silver Lakes ( North of highway 404). Well kept and challenging.- Osprey Valley . Links style and challenging but fun. - Angus Glen ( pricey, the Canadian Open was held here)- Eagles Nest (again pricey but if you play after 12 , its a good deal)- Ballantrae golf club ( Amazing twilight rate) - Richmond hill Golf club ( course is short 6000 yards. on weekends you can replay for free but cart is not included....
New Posts  All Forums: