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Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I am a Sigma Chi.   Any tips on ways to practice keeping the heel down?
    This is the first time i have ever seen my swing recorded. Never taken a lesson and didn't really start taking golf seriously until 2-3 years ago. Grew up playing tennis before making the switch to golf. Wasn't able to get a shot from behind, will work on that when i can.          
Two aces in the same group on the 165y par 3 2nd hole is the only WTF moment i can think of. I did not see it but could hear it from a few holes ahead.  
If you don't like it you could always sell it to me for half of what you paid :D  
Thanks! Make sure you toss a ball into the water on 17 for the golf gods, gotta keep them happy    
Go with PS3. If for no other reason than it will also be a bluray player for you.    
glad youre excited! what did you go through on your putter?    
I would reccomend hitting the burner 3 woods if you have a chance :D  
  Are yall playing on 360 or ps3? We ought to get some casual Sandtrap tournaments going on if there is enough interest.        
I didn't get a restoration done, just paintfill and stamps/sight lines.   I still have my old headcover, i sent it in with a sock over the head, not a headcover.    
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