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I got quoted for a set of MP58 4-PW with an upcharge for Project X or KBS shaft for 725-750 I forgot the exact price.
The kick point and torque are different for the made for titleist version and regular version on Titleist's website.
Looks like people have started receiving their orders.
My Adidas ADComfort shoes are great. Even after walking 18 my feet are tired just from the walking, but not sore at all.
Well my ballstriking isn't superb but its not bad at all. Of course there are times when I'm off but not anything major enough to make me want to shy away from a player's iron. Even if I only hit 5 out of 10 swings really well, it makes those 5 well struck shots that much more enjoyable for me. Having that feeling of hitting it really well and working to improve on the bad shots is what I enjoy about golf. Plus my misses aren't so bad that I'm severely penalized for them....
The reason is that I hit the AP2's better then the AP1. I also hit the TM Tour Preferred better then the Burners. For whatever reason I just strike the ball better when I'm not hitting a GI iron with a big sole.
Ok I was lazy and didn't change my handicap but just to clear it up I've edited it. I know you're not trying to be rude. Your input is appreciated. My money is spent on lessons. I have one almost weekly and practice anywhere from 1-5 times a week. My iron play is the best part of my game. My 100 yards in, including putting is also pretty good. It is my woods that kill me the most. My driver could also be better but I'm working on both of those.
Those are some beautiful clubs. If you have enough time to dedicate to practice I say you should get them. As for me, I think I'm going to get the AP2. It will be more forgiving on mishits and it is cheaper. If I really want it, I can trade in for or get the MP58 later.
I don't think either club is over my head. I can hit either fine. Yes I might make mis hits once in a while but that just means I need to practice some more. For whatever reason I hit the GI irons about the same if not a little worse.
New Posts  All Forums: