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Had a chuck roast from 1/2 a cow we bought a few months back.  Trimmed it up and cubed it and made some beef stew
Pan seared chicken breast stuffed with basil, asparagus, and gruyere over mashed potatoes with a pan sauce  
Yeah most of the really intricate meals are done on weekends, but pretty much everything we eat through out the week is made from scratch.   The things that help me keep it that way:   1. My daughter(4 years old) has developed a passion for food and cooking and loves to be Daddy's "helper".. so that makes it fun for both of us   2. I do a lot of prep on the weekends to make things easier during the week(pre chop a bunch of onion, prepare a big salad for throughout...
this is what the braised short ribs with root vegetables looked like.. but forgot to take a pic so here is a stock photo  
 I grow Basil, rosemary, thyme, oregano, cilantro, and parsley  Plus grape tomatoes and hot peppers not counting the regular garden with beans, squash, tomatoes, etc
No pictures but did braised shorts ribs with an apple cider sauce over roasted root vegetables
 Extremely strong lofts on each club
 Yes your mind is playing tricks on you. I have the same problem, but have learned to trust my alignment from behind the ball.
The biggest thing for me has been choking down on my driver. It takes some of the length out of it and I strike the ball much more consistently. My fear was losing distance but finding the center(or closer to the center) of the club face more consistently has actually fixed that issue and has kept my average distance consistent but greatly increased my accuracy. I will no longer get the 300 yard bomb when I would catch it just right once every 8 rounds, but I also have...
Shot my best 9 in 2 years... Par 37 and I shot a +1, 38     Hole #1- Par 5   Hit my best drive of the day dead down the middle. 3 hybrid to 10 yards short of the green. Chipped to 6 feet and made the birdie   Hole #2- Par 4   Another good drive, just leaked right and in to the rough. 2nd shot was center of the green leaving me a 25 footer for birdie. Missed on the low side and tapped in for par   Hole #3- Par 5   Another good drive on the left side of the...
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