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I went to my first PGA tournament at the Colonial a few weeks ago and saw Rickie Fowler, Sergio Garcia, Angel Cabrerra, VJ Singh, Jason Day, Trevor Immelman, and many more.  Saw these guys one after the other hit easy irons into a 250 yard par 3 like it was no thing.  Saw Cabrerra reach a 635 yard par 5 in two with driver and an iron.  All of these guys bombed the ball.  I realized weekend warriors who think they average about 280 off the tee are out of their minds and...
Good find.  Probably just saved me from having to shell out the money for the v1 premium. 
First, I really appreciate the help guys.  My swing clearly needs it.  Thank you.  This board is a great help.  I’m going to work diligently on each of these things you guys have listed.    johntheJoiner – You know, I really do make a flail at the ball.  I’d hardly call it a swing at all.  It’s more of a slash.  I’m pretty much straight up hacking it.  I’d love to have a nice rhythmic swing. In order to see how swinging hard affects my swing one thing I’ve done is to...
My swing is so unbelievably jacked up, and I can’t fix it.  I need some help, some serious professional help.  I see so many problems, major problems, in my swing, that it is really tough to know where to begin.  In fact I’m pretty sure I execute almost all the major problems a golfer can have - at the same time.  I’m not Charles Barkley type bad here, but I’m not that far off.   IMO it really is that bad.  I see a lot of beginners at the range who can’t hit the ball but...
You'd think coaches would know better, but I had a coach with two students cut right in front of me a few weeks ago.  I was finishing up on 17 and then I see them coming from some other part of the course and proceeding to the 18th teebox.  Then when I walk up, they ask me if I "wanna hit".  I don't get these people.  If you're heading in and want to play 18, at least don't cut in front of people on 17.  
I also play a square head three wood. I occassionaly get some curvature, but it's rarely all that much.  The majority of the time it's predominately pulls, straight shots, or pushes.  Not suprising as that is what the club was designed to do.  I fight an over the top swing, and with regular clubheads, I'll get a fade of some sort, but with the nike my out to in swingpath turns into a pull.       
Maybe try getting your swing on video. That helped me get out of a long slump I was in.
I bought a Titleist 690 mb 9 iron off ebay to both try out a blade and to substitute for a lost ping 9 iron in my set. I've hit that blade great overall actually. Had my best iron shot of the day out on the course with it today.
Yes, the fitter will get you all sorted out with what specs are best for your personal swing. I personally don't know much about snt, but there are some guys on here who know a lot about it.
When I get fit for my driver, we found I hit down with an -3 degree angle of attack. As a result I got a ridicilous amount of backspin, 6000 rpms, which was killing my distance. I got hardly any roll either. We got spin down 2,000 rpms by going to a lower lofted head (8.5).
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