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35 years old -  5'6" 155lb Driver -240 4 wood -215 3 Hybrid -190 4 Hybrid -180 5 iron -170 6 iron -160 7 iron -150 8 iron -140 9 iron -130 PW -120   52* - 100 56* - 80 60* - 60
Interesting....if you insert the $25/doz into the table for the Pro V1's....it becomes the second best value ball behind the Maxfli U/2
That's an awesome idea!  So....the higher the value, the more bang (stopping power) for the buck?
  For me, the G15 seem to have a taller face, but shorter front to back.  G20 had a more shallow profile and larger footprint.  I like the looks of the G20 better.  But I'm gaming a 2008 Ping G10 with a V2 High Launch shaft and I haven't found anything that can take that out of the bag yet.
I have a 80ish swing speed and I hit my Cleveland FL 17* wood longer than any 15* 3wood I've ever had or tried.
Tour Edge also comes with a lifetime warranty on their products.  Only company I know that does that.
I tried the JPX-800 3-wood at a demo day.  Mid-flight with a great feel.  I tried a bunch of 3 woods that day and I would rate it #2 behind the Adams F11. 
Tour Edge also has a lifetime warranty on their products.  I think they are the only company that has that.
You can use a GPS camera and take a picture of every shot.  Spot will be geotagged, then you can view it using Google Earth or Picasa.
Just ordered the Clicgear 3.0 for $120 shipped.  Should arrive Tuesday!
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