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Yeah me too!  Nothing worse than hitting a pull-hook right into the parking lot on my 1st teebox of my home course.  Thank goodness its just a small muni with everyday average joes, not some rich private course with mercedes and aston martins in the parking lot!  I love shortgame shots, they require the most creativity and imagination.  Keep working at it and you will develop your feel and touch for the short game.  I look at it this way, I go by the 2/3 rule, if you...
I still love my Ping G2, wouldn't trade it for anything except for maybe the G5.  The G10 and 15 feel the same to me but I just love Ping Drivers, they have that loud CRACK when you hit the ball and the sweet spot is amazing. 
I say 13, he has a long career ahead of him and his swing is great and accurate.  It wont break down his body as much as tigers swing with his left leg snapping.  I think he wont have as many injuries and as long as hes focused he should get around 12-13
I miss the old Tiger, I always thought his biggest mistake was getting married because he was at the top of the world and charging for Jacks record.  I think the scandal did him in because he no longer possesses those nerves of steel during the final rounds of a golf tournament.  There is always something that throws him off and he looks too "mechanical" with his swing and his swing thoughts whereas before his swing was so fluid, he would just picture the shot and hit...
I practice on short game the most because when you take a break from golfing thats the part of the game that gets hurt the most.  Regaining that "touch" back is difficult and a long process so its always good to stay on top of your short game.  Remember, you score from 100yds and in
The funny thing for me is that the chipping/pitching always came easy but the golf swing took forever for me to understand.  I always think of chipping/pitching as an "art."  It's better to take an artistic approach to it rather than a mechanical approach.  Sure there is technique involved, for chips you want to open your stance a little, put the ball back in your stance and keep the hands ahead of the ball.  You want to sweep the ball, not chop at it when you...
Totally agree, he will make a whole lot more from endorsements
Thanks for the reply Lebowski!  So do you keep your toes up in the setup or what?  Because when I turn I feel the weight move towards my toes and thats where I think I go really flat in the backswing
Hey guys, I am having trouble really knowing how to coil in the backswing.  I don't know if its my spine tilt or setup but my shoulder turn always feels restricted and the plane looks waaayyy too flat, and the only way I can get into position is to lift my arms.  This leads to my downswing being all arms and no power.  I just can't get the feeling of proper coil, everything just feels weak and Im only 25 years old and cannot see why my shoulder turn feels so restricted...
Thanks for giving explaining that better. Just to clarify, when I tug my forearm my right elbow starts to bend up naturally, am I doing it right?
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