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I love my golf guru, and if you want the flexibility to do some mapping yourself I believe it's the best choice out there. I've found the downloaded maps to be very accurate, but I'm one of those people who still wants to remap everything on my home course just so I KNOW I can trust it :) You can get refurb units for $199 (same warranty as new, 1 year) and you can find coupons online for 5% off that. $189 with no subscription is hard to beat.
I play the MX 25s (10 handicap) and I'm happy with them. I like the 200's a little better, but you can get great deals on brand new sets of the MX 25s, I think I paid about $350 for mine. I don't really have a problem working the ball with the 25s. Eventually I'll probably upgrade to the 52s, but at an 17 handicap you may want more forgiveness than that.
Let us know how the Nexos works out for you, after looking at it, I'm awfully tempted to get one myself :)
That was one other thing, I forgot to mention. I haven't had any issues with the legs since my first grom back 5 or 6 years ago (they would cross sometimes and stick.) The newer grom and the edge have never had that problem, and these bags have seen hundreds of rounds, thousands of miles in a trunk and been shoved in an out of a very snug SKB case dozens of times.
I've never regretted my decision. Both the Edge and the Grom have the TORQ strap which keeps them from twisting when attached to a cart, and both have enough structure to stand up straight, unlike some of the ultralight bags. The biggest consideration is weight for most people. None of those bags are light (Grom 5.8, Edge 6.5 and Nexos 7.2!) so if carrying a heavy bag bothers you, they aren't ideal. When I travel my travel case usually checks it right at 50lbs, so...
I have both an Edge and a Grom and love both. I prefer the Edge because of the placement of a few things and the slick rain hood (I live in Oregon). The only issue I've had with it was the metal ring on the straps rusted after too much time in the rain and wore through a strap during the 12th hole of a 36 hole day at Bandon. I reinforced the strap and it's been great since. I haven't used their customer service (I couldn't complain that a bag broke after 200+...
New Posts  All Forums: