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Had the same issue couple of years ago. The real solution to me was knowing I was regripping and working on eliminating that. Took some time though for me.
I use it in my putting. My routine is eyeing a spot on the intended line and try to align the line on the ball to that target. Get back behind the ball to assess move if necessary, align putter with the line on the ball. Keep eyes on ball and stroke. At first it took some time and patience. This is more important as you are closer like 15 feet and within. Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
Take it one shot at a time (I'll count for you)
Curing this can take some time, so the only advice is patience and keep at it.
Don't know if it helps but I start s****ing when I move my upper body in the downswing towards the target. Used to have a severe over the top swing to add to the problem. But now the only time I get the shanks is when i do the upper body downswing move. Hope this is understandable and helps...
Yes I do agree SBST was not the best name for it but the idea of Pelz I would believe is that you would try to hold the face as square as possible relative to the aim line during the stroke. Read both Pelz and Utley and have tried both approaches.Too me, and here I might be totally wrong, I think people have to basically look at these teachings as references for their own strokes. At least that was my finding. If you would analyse my stroke you would probably say I'm...
I think I'm in the arc group, but to me it is just a matter of opinion/belief if you go SBST/Arc. After a lot of putting drills to me the most important thing of putting is aim and setup. Issues that never get discussed, so many mess up, and focus on other things. But again, I think I'm an arc.
I know this is an old thread, but I just bought me a Odyssey #1 i Black series and am loving it. I bought it used (to me it was a bargain I could not refuse) and even still it almost looks brand new. I tried out almost everything before going for this purchase, the new TaylorMade putters that have just been released, SeeMore, Scotty, Cleveland, Rife and almost every Odyssey model. Even though I had my mind set on going for a bigger putter head, preferably a mallet, I...
Having seen some excellent putters, it seems to be based on belief, skill and a lot of practice.  You've got to believe that ball will fall into the hole.  The worst putters I've seen have all broken the belief rule and fail and fail again.    Regarding SBST and Pelz, do those of you who use his methods miss the "feel" in putting as he advocates more of a shoulder turn and dead hands?  I went from Pelz over to something more like Utley basically because I couldn't...
Isn't his form today somehow reflecting his problems the last 2 years? To me it seems that his problems stem more from the difference in the good guy he was portraying vs what he was actually doing. Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk
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