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If I was there, I'd pay the grand for 6 shots.
  Oh, I was adding to your sarcasm, while at the same time pointing out to others that they need not worry.
Shot an 76 in absolutely sweltering heat. It was closing in on 40*C (104 in that wierdo degree system you yanks use) at 8am. It was so hot, that for the first time in two years, when not playing with my father, we decided to use carts. Not just any carts either, fully enclosed, air conditioned carts. I had never played there before, even though its not that far, but its a $130 green fee with the cart, each.98* if you aren't riding, but we all rode.   In the end, it...
    No more than a sprinters coach would (they don't), or a hockey teams coach would (they don't), or a baseball teams coach(they don't). Last wonter Olympics, one of the players who had 2 or three previous golds, gave his to their coach. But it was not awarded by the IOC.   Anywy, no, it should be 4 days, 18 holes/day, have a cut after 36 holes, low score over 4 days wins.   Should be no more than 3 golfers per country. And absolutely no Belly/broomstick putters.
I guess I can understand if your driving is bad, but 7500yds is a monster. But I would be more intimidated by 'Heaven" day. Over driving greens, not knowing distances. Hell da is easy. 
I have a couple dozen now from demo days, tournament prizes, all that stuff. I use it one day, then clean them with it again at home, throw  it in the wash and put another on the bag for next round.
No 'breakfast balls', no 'gimmes', and play it as it lies. I warm up with a small bucket beforehand (30 balls).   I play golf. Not a weekend duffer. But I also play tournament golf, with a second in the Moosehead Dry Open this year. Unfortunately, our provincial tourny schedule is only 5 tournaments, then provincials.   That said, if we are not playing for money, you may play any way you want. Just don't expect me to play your way. I NEVER comment on others...
Any possibility in getting them in this style? The only kind of hats I'll wear.  
68 on a par 72 goat track that should certainly not been more than a par 70, one of the easiest courses I have ever played. Not a single green was bunkered. Kinda disapointing.
Squire green, Hole#1, firs and second shots are completely blind to the green, just bad course design. If you get a good drive, you are either forced to lay up 30 yards to the 90* dogleg, or ake a chance at floating a wedge shot 75 feet high over the stand of Spruce protecting the right side of the green which is just bad disign. Most people chip out to the dogleg, but as long as im 50 yards + away from the tree, I'll float a very high 48* wedge over the trees, which...
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