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I went out to the course today and just thought of letting the club fall naturally down to the ball sort of letting gravity just take over and the contact I made today was much more consistent. Thanks for the help guys
Lol yeah, it's not like im chunking it, or blading it across the green, Im just hitting these greenside shots to like 15 feet, cathcing it a groove or two too high or low all the time where I should be hitting them inside 5 feet.  I know a lot of it has to do with feel, but its hard to stay consistent if i'm not catching the sweet spot consistently.
Im having trouble hitting the ball solid from around the green to about 30 yards out, i tend to catch the ball a little thin, and if i try to correct it, it seems i'm catching it a little heavy, I had someone tell me it looked like i was coming in too shallow, too much like a full swing but not sure if thats the case or not
Turns out my Grandma's first cousin was Bert Yancey who use to play on the PGA tour in the 70's and almost one a couple majors. I can't believe nobody in my family told me this until now but I was actually watching the Lee Travino documentarty on the Golf Channel with my uncle and they mentioned his name, and my uncle said oh there's Bert, and I was like you know him? and he then proceeded to tell me how we were related lol.  Couldn't believe it, I got to hear lots of...
Sounds like me.  I've had so many people ask me why I drop my clubs all the time, and I tell them it's to keep me from breaking them/ throwing them and it's the honest truth.  I've only thrown a club once in my lifetime and felt like a complete ass for doing it, so now after a bad shot I just drop it and say colorful string of cuss words and if i'm still mad take my anger out on the teebox by unleashing on a driver.  A really long drive makes me feel better even if I'm in...
I'm having a problem pulling the ball, I'm pretty sure its because I'm over rotating my hips, and when i try to correct it by coming inside, im coming out of the shot and blocking it.  Does anyone have any swing thoughts or drills to help me because man my swing is in a funk.
Cudi is a genius 
I remember thinking he had a lot of potential but I don't think I've heard anything about him in like the past year and a half.  Is he still injured?
I'd say abs, and legs have a lot to do with it.  Look at a guy like Dustin Johnson, he has a ton of core strength (can do a full swing on a balance ball) as well as leg strength (does one legged squats, and can dunk the hell out of a basketball)  While you don't have to be have to be strong to hit the golf ball far,  it definitely helps.  Look at the long drive competitions, 90% of those guys are JACKED.
Because you have absolutely nothing to blame but yourself.  In team sports you can put the blame on your teammates but in golf if you play bad, it's all on you.
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