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I wanted one of those medicus power meters but wasn't willing to pay the $99 they were asking. Out of curiosity I mentioned to the guy at golftown that I didn't see them in the store but had seen them just a few days earlier. He says "yeah, we aren't carrying them anymore and got rid of them all at $5 a pop." He searched the other stores for me and surprisingly was able to get me one which I just picked up an hour ago as I type this. Played with it just a little and...
Get her her own clubs. They needn't be expensive but they do need to fit her. I'd start her going no more than waist high on the backswing. It won't take her long to start making good consistent contact. Then she'll be excited to get some lessons.
My swing has been seriously messed up. The end of last season and so far this golf season, golf has just not been any fun for me. I had made so many changes to what I was doing that I had done what felt like irreparable harm to my swing. No distance, everything slicing. The more I read or listened to the more messed up I got. Trust me folks, it was bad. So yesterday I bought a medicus in what was strictly a desperation move. After just 5 or 10 minutes in the back yard I...
I've long had the idea of a pay per view option I like to call "Tiger Vision". This would follow Tiger and his group exclusively. Every shot traced. Yardages and club selection for every shot. The results of every shot clearly shown with yardages hit. Maybe even mic Tiger's caddy. I"m really surprised this hasn't been done yet. And all commercial free of course.
I use the "club caddy". Best $20 I ever spent. Not only does it keep my grips dry but it makes it almost impossible to not see your wedge "standing up" on the green when you leave the hole.
I think I'm the last living north american who does not have a cell phone.
I'm pretty patient out on the golf course. I don't let many of the things you describe bother me at all. I don't care if people talk or are moving or whatever. I consider those kinds of distractions to be a mental challenge. Generally speaking, I play against myself and not against my foursome, I play to have fun, enjoy time spent with friends, and to relieve stress and I have fairly firm grasp on my game and its limitations. I know I'm not going on tour. The ony thing...
I gamed the XLS last year and quite liked it. The Speedline is longer for me though.
I've messed around with his swing some in the past. Only with the driver though. I had some good results. If I had the money I'd go to the school and really give it a fair shake. Don't have the money though :(
He wasn't that short. Maybe in his late years he was shorter but if I remember right he was in the 280 range with his driver on average.
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