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I would have to give that title to Disciple, ( in the Christian category. ) I'm not much for live shows, but on the scale most people range live performances, it would be some mentally challenged guitar-busting crowd-surfing hooligans. Disciple throws down even more, though.
I believe I've seen them 3 times live now. They throw down.
20ish foot putt from the fringe today.
I hit my longest drive ever tonight ( this is my first golf season. ) I usually get about 240-260 off the tee, but I've been changing my swing after my lesson yesterday, and today, I ripped one 365 yards straight down the middle of a 475 yard par 5. I still managed to make par, though.... The fairway was extremely hard and after I carried 300 yards or so, the hole starts going down-hill slowly but surely. It bounced like a super-ball.
Good point, but you, them and the other guy aren't pro. Go figure.
Thanks for the video, Mirv. I believe I've seen that before, but may'be I didn't get enough out of it. I usually play the ball back quite a bit, and I know I don't have it to far forward. I am going to try to make my swing a little more vertical, and hopefully that will help me to put a little spin on the ball.
Let me first say that I am in no way a skilled golfer, and this is only my first season, but there is one aspect of this game that I have found quite difficult to understand. My home course is a semi-private course, and the greens aren't exactly perfect. I honestly don't know if they are Bent Grass or Bermuda, but the club pro/greens-keeper likes to burn them a bit so he waters them during the day (is this bad?) If I hit the ball far enough that it lands on the green,...
Play what works.
Quite often.
I'm hoping to gain access to a video camera soon, so that I can have my swing analyzed. Keep up the good work TMO.
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