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Those courses are middle to low tier. Bali Hai is noisy next to the freeway and airport. Desert Pines has a bunch of pine trees struggling to survive wishing they were back East at the course DP is copied from in the Carolinas. LV National can be crowded and is narrow. I like the Paiute courses - do the Wolf. Also look at Bears Best to the West of the Strip, and Rio Secco to the South East in Henderson, NV. A little cheaper, but very cool is Tuscany golf course due...
Based on those numbers, possibly, BUT, why not work to get that speed back!!! Watch your swing in a mirror, check coil, lag etc . . See a PGA Teacher that can look at you on video, Do whatever you have to do to get your speed back! It makes golf more fun! Good Luck!
I agree, as said in his original post, there is sentimental value attached to it. He may well have flown those planes in the war! Enjoy!
jmurdock, I too have wondered about this. I tried the Pro V1 a while back, and found that for me, it simply curved too much off of my long clubs. Be it an intentional draw that hooked too much or a loose swing/open face slicing into trouble. The Pro V1x curves left and right LESS than the Pro V1; could rephrase this to say it is less workable, but also less penal on poor shots. Problem is, it takes a high amount of club head speed to maximize V1x potential. ...
Not to hijack the thread, but that's the number we should compare. How do peoples smash factor change with handicap or do they? At Hotstix in Az, while i have a rather slow swing speed, 98-100, I was getting decent ball speed 142-147 with decent smash factor numbers 1.45-1.47Maybe some could add this info in addition to ball speed if they have it??
My last round of golf, my pinseeker 1500 range finder somehow found its way out of my cart and onto the ground. I have no idea how, even now. Group behind us caught up to us on the next tee before I even knew it was missing and asked if it was mine. I produced the empty case for it along with a stunned expression, and they gave it back. That's why golf is different than most other sports. Good people can be found on the golf course. I always am considerate of...
What do some of you outside the US know about how the european players feel about Nick Faldo? I seem to hear an awful lot about how he is not well liked by many peers? I know the captain never hits a shot, but could it affect the Team concept if there are some players who have some reason to not like this guy? Maybe all the current players are too young to remember the things that bothered the vets about him. Can't really see a rout for either side this time.
Wonderful evaluations! I too have played the Boulders. Awesome scenery and track. I did get to play faster and without angst you experienced. I saw a coyote darting across one of the long par 3 greens just before I tee'd off. Nice place - could be more reasonable price wise. Thanks for the heads up!
I think many people tee it up that high for a few reasons.1. Higher tee height promotes a flatter swing plane - good with the driver.2. The "tall face" club heads of today have sweet spots higher off the ground3. Vertical Gear Effect improves launch dynamics - by striking the ball higher on the face - just above middle face - you launch the ball higher and with less spin - a condition that will maximize carry.Tee it high and watch it fly!
I am not a negative person, but in this case, I must say, it won't happen. I will take a bit different angle. Green Speed. Ultra fast greens have a way of affecting every aspect of the short game. By everything, I mean how deep into the green to carry the approach shot without quality spin on the ball? How far on do I land the sand shot to let it roll out? Do I dare chip & run with a 7 iron, even a 9 iron? My sand or lob wedge out of greenside rough with no spin to...
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