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I have one I'd sell but not sure if it would be worth it to ship.  Shipping would be probably as much as it is worth. 
I use my cart most of the time.  It is easier, don't have to worry about weight and can carry lunch.  I really want an electric one but thats a little above my means right now.  Now that is walking in style.  It isn't a shape thing, just an easier thing.  I'm looking to play well, not get the best workout I can. 
Why? Because it just isn't that easy to hit it far and straight.  We do have jobs and lifes outside of golf.  And are you talking flying it 250 or hitting it 250 in the middle of august.  Two totally different things.  You need to play a bunch to play well IE hit the center of the club face consistantly and it the correct direction.  I'd take 230 and in play everyone instead of coming after it hard and being everywhere.  Flying it 250 is a big drive in real life, not on...
Those two swings above have nothing in common.  The thin guy has a nice looking move.
I don't hate the car, I just hate the attitude of the drivers.  Buddy, you really aren't saving the earth.  I love saving something, and thats called money and thats all your doing.  It makes me kind of want one.  But I associate arrogant people with that car so I couldn't do it. 
Right now I'm at the end of 4th week of this program.   Here is the website:  stronglifts.com   The program is very simple.  Lift three days a week (MWF typically) Alternate between workout A and B.  Example week 1 do A B A week 2 B A B so on.  12 weeks   A) Squat, Bench, Bent over row.  B) Squat, overhead press, deadlift   all lifts are 5x5 except deadlifts is 1x5 not including warmups which is detailed on the website.   Start light and add 5...
Wait, I'm not a racist, I'm young, I have no issues with gays and them having the same rights as opposite sex couples, but I'm conservative?  The things that matter to me are the economy, the economy, the economy.  And the left does nothing to grow wealth.  They (most) think its wrong to be rich and they don't deserve it and don't pay there fair share.  But the facts are that the top 10% pay 80% of the taxes.   And who was in office during the civil rights era?  Dixie...
So Mr Desmond, where do you get your "facts"?  NY Times, CNN.   I'm not saying that fox isn't biased, but every news outlet is one way or another.  To be informed you have (opinion) reads lots of different points of view.  It seems as though you say things are facts from liberal news sources and that conservative ones are rubbish.   I don't know how anyone can think Biden won.  Being rude, laughing at the opponent, interupting.  A 12 year old could have better manners and...
75, 3 over.  40, 35.  Tees one up, right at 6500.  I miss that golfer.  This was around 4 years ago.  Fox run golf course at kenton county. 
I mark the ball.  Clean the ball, use the line on the ball for aim, no practice strokes, step in looking at the hole, set the putter behind the ball, one look at the hole, gone.  I might read the putt depending if its a green I know or not.  I trust my feet and my eyes for the read.  If I'm confused then I might take a look at a different angle.  But 9 times out of 10 the way I read it initally is the way I will try to hit it. 
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