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The god particle is the link between energy and mass.  It is why energy can be weighed and why energy and mass are interchangeable, and it is present in everything.  Big discovery.
not only that, he hits his 5-6 iron practically the same.
I dont really care for egos...   and if my post is deleted for stating fact so be it.     BUT,  no matter what, the average proportion of clubhead speed converted to ball speed across the face of a perimeter weighted CB iron vs a traditional blade iron will be higher.  That is why the golfing public can benefit from game improvement clubs... they will be more efficient for their swings.
You have no idea what you are saying.   I am not talking about specific gains in ball speed because of perimeter weighting.  However:   The proportion of ball speed averaged out across the face will be higher vs a blade NO MATTER WHAT (notice the word average).  It is physics, what I do.  Should you want to learn about it, I suggest a book I read years ago just for fun. "THE PHYSICS OF GOLF".   These may be your forums, but you don't automatically have to act like an...
uhm, yes it could be.   it all depends on the perimeter weighting on the cavity back and whether it is a hack hitting it off the toe on the CB or a pro hitting dead center of the blade.
The reality is, that only impact matters in the golf swing... if you can manage to get the right impact and can repeat the way you get there; then it doesn't really matter how you get there.   That being said, there are ways to do it to make it consistently easier to repeat.   Looking at your vid and two of your swings, I can see a couple of things that will work against true consistency:   1.  You are inside the plane on the takeaway. 2.  Your head moves...
hey, I love to watch the different videos and see your swing improve.   There was something glaringly obvious in your first video that is not so obvious in the last... you were coming way over the top because you only rotated your hips and had very little lateral motion.   I predict that if you keep working on lateral lower body motion, you will see your hcp drop significantly... then you'll be concerned only with what really makes the biggest difference in the...
Finally able to get a face on view:  
thanks a ton, the first video is very, very helpful for me to understand something I have been lacking.  Thanks.
thanks for your comment... I have always had that slightly shut face at the top, although not completely shut, it is slightly shut you are right, hence the draw.  I just cant think about opening it up at the top, seems to mess with my mojo... :(.  I kind of compensate with fast hips, but it makes it harder to be consistent, you are right.
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