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How much do you guys (and gals) want to guess that hovercraft costs?
I just always fill out the survey on each receipt for $10 off a purchase of $50+.  Even if you spend $2 in there the survey is at the bottom.  Never shop there without it. 
There's nothing wrong with getting away from the world and other people and just playing 9 or 18 by yourself.  
I drink this awesome stuff called water
Legs & Abs. I'm on day 75 of Jim Stoppani's Shortcut To Size.  I'm more of a 'buff golfer' if that even makes sense.  Workout can be found here: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/shortcut-to-size.html
love my RBZ driver, 3 wood, and hybrid. 
Silver underline on the name of the ball on the side. 
Just getting back into golf after two years off while getting my Master's degree.     1. Shoot mid-80's by end of year   2. More consistent straight/long shots
Same reason I use them here
wait until the final 15 seconds to bid
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