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Beat me to it.  Guys who need 7000 yds represent about the smallest fraction of golfers you can imagine.    
Common sense.    
Maybe there is no "right" answer-but nearly everything you laid out is actually an argument in Tiger's favor.    
Sustained a concussion 4 weeks ago, plus working a new job-so less golf recently (none) than just about any time in the last 2 1/2 years.  But I went back out today, played 9, and shot +4.  5 bogeys, 3 pars, 1 birdie-very satisfied.  Topped my first approach shot completely, and hit a couple bad putts.
The 983E is a great club, still very highly regarded to this day.  Not the best club to use if you're having ball contact issues however.  Forgiving compared to any pre-2001 driver, but less forgiving than nearly every driver since.   Also-never try to "kill" the ball-it just won't lead to good things.   And a regular flex shaft with stiff or Xstiff swing speeds is more likely to produce a hook, in my experience and observation.
Nope.  It's both.    
If you're hitting it 250 then you've got the best possible combo for your swing speed-there's no more distance to be had.
All-time.  If you can't fathom the concept of the best all-time-why post?    
Executive Course -2 (par 62)   9 holes -3 (par 35)   18 holes even (par 72)
A Prolite 35-and it costs next to nothing.  Was the shaft on tour for many years, and for good reason.  Still being played by some pros.  Stiff tip, high kick point.  I put one in a driver head that spun way, way too much and the Prolite fixed it instantly.
New Posts  All Forums: