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It certainly is "of relation."  Speed up.    
Previous poster is right.  Go to the range, practice slowly and methodically, don't just hit at balls-give yourself a target and pretend you're hitting a tee shot or approach shot on the course.  If you've got a range available with a putting/chipping green put in some time there as well.  You'll get better, and even a 30 handicap can get around a full size course without too much trouble.
Great thread-love all the Wilson Staff Fluid Feel love.  I picked up some '84-'86 Fluid Feel Tour Blades earlier this year for $39-new grips and they've seen plenty of range time and probably 8 or 9 rounds.  Got some early '80s Titleist Tour Model Blades last year, play them occasionally-but I definitely prefer the Fluid Feels.  Been doing most my putting since April with this:     Not old, but I also have a Louisville Golf Dogwood driver, persimmon 5 wood,...
Me too-but I'm fully aware that nice arrows have close to nothing to do with how I'm going to score on a given day.  Arrows do make a convenient scapegoat however...    
Get out of the woods weirdo!    
Arguing with science?  Look at a launch monitor-lower lofts, less backspin, higher lofts, more backspin.  The greater the force the ball is generating spinning backwards the less the force will be spinning the ball sideways.  As someone said, it's why a 3 iron slices a lot easier than a PW.  I agree that modern drivers are at least as if not more forgiving than modern 3 woods-but the backspin thing is definitely true.  At least-my slice with a driver is a lot bigger than...
+11 in some scorching heat.  +8 on the front, couldn't chip or putt to save my life.  +3 on the back, made a 55 foot birdie putt, and a bogey on 17 and 18 ended the round on a flat note.  Putted much better on the back 9.
Yeah-no debate from me that it happens, I've played with a few of those guys.  But it's rare, and certainly rarer than the internet makes it out to be.    
What he said, except the complete opposite.    
Congratulations!  I was super happy first time I did that, I still am.  Now you get to work on doing it twice, which you will eventually.  That is a serious milestone!
New Posts  All Forums: