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Congratulations!  I was super happy first time I did that, I still am.  Now you get to work on doing it twice, which you will eventually.  That is a serious milestone!
Proforce V2, Prolite 35, Prolaunch Red.
Hitting balls at you isn't cool.  But if there's just a guy behind you going fast and you're not waiting on anyone then let him through.  What's your problem?    
No one said it wouldn't help your score.   And 35 and 36 is 71-don't shortchange yourself.      
"genius's"   Ha ha ha ha ha . . .     
Do you really think I meant that you watch every tournament to see his caddy?  Do I have to put in italics or something to specify sarcasm?    
Good point.  There are far worse choices than Tiger.    
Turn your shoulders, keep your left eye on the ball, keep your left arm as straight as you can, don't try to kill the ball.  Not really tips or tricks, but those don't exist.  Only method and practice.
When you're starting out, and even when you're experienced, issues and misses are magnified as the loft goes lower and the shaft gets longer.  The advice to practice 1/2 and 3/4 swings with your irons is good advice.  Focus on solid contact, not power.
I miss the cartoony background.
New Posts  All Forums: