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Congratulations on watching every minute of every tournament when Tiger's playing and being an expert on his caddy.  I literally can't think of a less interesting thing to be interested in.  Who cares about his caddy?  It's right up there with "who throws a shoe?"    
Not my worst score ever, but last April I went to play 9 holes after work with an attorney from the Public Defender's office in Lockport, NY.  The season had just started, but I had two full 18 hole rounds in the bag and they were stellar-77 and 79 without losing a ball.  I didn't talk up my game any but he asked how I'd been shooting and I told him I'd just had a couple very nice rounds.  I think the course was called Willowbrook, nice layout, mature trees, not too long...
Outstanding!  I hit the pin about a month ago on a hole of similar length, but I hit 3-5 feet higher than you and the ball was slingshotted back and off the front of the green.  Bogey 4.
Stepping up and taking the admittedly bitter "practice pill" is still shown to produce the best results.
This-this is the key to longer, more accurate drives.  It's never when I feel like I swung the hardest, just when I made perfect contact and cleared my hips fully.    
#1) I completely agree with #1-though it's clearly not limited to old guys.  Based on the number of un-repaired ball marks I find on every single green I play, from the cheapest muni to a nice resort course I'm convinced most golfers are a**hats.  Or the golfer responsible for teaching his friends or kids or family is a jerk for letting it slide.  It can even be done with a putter if you're too stupid to carry a repair tool or to bend over and use a tee.  Anyway-I fix at...
Looks fine.
I've got some RayBan aviators, but I'm always taking them on and off.  Better when golfing to just skip the contacts and wear one of my two pairs of glasses.  Both are comfortable with progressive lenses that turn into sunglasses in the light-though they look a lot lighter when wearing them.
Beautiful.  I'll see less blocked posts.    
I agree, but why wouldn't they be?  It's their big GI club.  I15/I20s are smaller, and S56 irons are similar to a blade.    
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