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Nothing wrong with the Acuity wedges.  I gave my Acuity Gap Wedge to my brother (a pretty decent player who breaks 80 on occasion) and it's his favorite wedge/club in the bag.  He's got a Vokey LW and a MacGregor MT Pro-M PW and he hardly ever hits them, just prefers the grind and heavy feel of the Acuity wedge.    
Depending on the hole.  If it's a par 4 and I'm left with 200 in the fairway or 170 in the rough I might take the rough.    
Current signature-   Driver- paid $80 (new) 4 Wood- paid $20 (new) 5 Wood- paid $50 (new) Niblick- paid $30 (new) Irons- paid $40 SW-paid $35 Putter-paid $25   $280
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!  You're gonna need to step up your troll game around here.  Famousdavis has raised the bar, and you're falling way short.    
The PW from my set.  Granted, 3 of my 5 sets have blade PWs, and the 4th is nearly a blade, so there you are.
The amount of variety in blades is minimal compared to the amount of variety in cavity backs.    
I agree.  I love blades, but see no reason to shell out hundreds/thousands of dollars for brand new ones.  If you want blades get some old ones.    
I concede to a degree on the ebay point (if he's not comfortable with ebay then so be it), but disagree on the change in irons.  Yeah-Nike's recent offerings look different and whatnot, but irons are irons.  I prefer blades and play them about 70% of the time, but I wouldn't have any trouble hitting some old Big Berthas.  Late last year I was visiting my Dad and playing my MacGregor blades.  We tee off at the butt-crack of dawn at his course, so there's time to goof...
Beat me to it.  Took me some time to figure this out, and I don't switch putters frequently, but if I'm going to play somewhere I know has lightning-fast greens I will bring a putter with a heavier head.    
I guess you're right-I'm just thinking of everyone I know who bought a similar set, got even remotely interested in golf, and then was looking to sell or trade for some "real clubs" 3-9 months later.  There's nothing "wrong" with a starter set-they're perfectly functional.  But if you like golf at all you'll be looking to move up soon and the starter set will be worth next to nothing.    
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