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Hogan would have flat out killed the ball with a modern driver.
My SS hovers around 110, and I use an x-flex. Not really a big deal. Make sure the shaft has the right weight and kick point for your swing though... more to it than just flex. See a good fitter.
I shot 41 over 9 holes the other day. The next 9 I shot 49. 9 holes means jack squat. Your carry distances are meaningless. Lots of great players hit it longer, lots hit it shorter. Not sure what the weightlifting stats were included for, but whatever. The score is the only thing that matters, and right now, you've put yourself in the elite group called "Players Who Can Break 90". Congratulations. That indicates that you can break 90, nothing more. There...
Congrats - shots like that are why we play. I've only made one eagle in my life. Hit a 9 iron thin, but it went right at the flag, hit the stick and dropped in for a 2.
Acheived! I shot 79 on a par 67 course on the last day of our handicap season. That cut me to 15.9 - my goal for the year and the lowest I've ever been. My putting has improved, and my iron game is much better. Still wild as hell off the tee, so that's my project for the coming year. Make driver less of a liability.
Up here in the Northwest, if the lie is good, that typically calls for a routine pitch shot, flown about 10-15 feet short of the pin. I'll normally use my lob wedge for this. Not a flop, not a chip, but right in between. One bounce and grab. In firmer conditions I might chip a 9 iron and roll it up.
I don't look down on anyone on the course. I've gotten my ass kicked enough times by guys swinging cheap clubs to know better. The people I have a tough time with are the rude, loud, inconsiderate, slow-playing folks. I couldn't care less what your clothes or clubs look like.
8 hours. Played in a storm at Bandon Dunes, and got pulled off the course due to lightning. Got back out to finish, but it was 8 hours all told.
I love that hole. Hit driver to about 12 feet this past trip and got a little tentative with the eagle putt.
Glad you got to play there! It's a fantastic course, one that everyone should play at least once in their life. I played my fourth round there last week. Shot 91 from the sand tees. It was a windy day, and I was pretty happy with the score. Had a couple bad holes, but also made back-to-back birdies on 12 and 13. It's a course that presents lots of options, encourages creativity, and demands clear thinking and good judgment. If you lose focus and hit a loose shot at...
New Posts  All Forums: