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Of the ones I've played, Chambers Bay is the best by a wide margin. In the normal price range, Ancil Hoffman in Sacramento, CA is my favorite. I try to play it whenever we visit family down there.
Phew, I was worried there for a minute. Mine is generally between 108-112 and if I get 260 carry, I'm thrilled. I don't get perfect launch conditions very often.
Made an 11 on a par 5 in a club tournament. 1. 3 wood off the tee to the left rough 2. 9 iron punch out to fairway 3. 5 iron into hazard 4. Drop 5. 5 iron into fairway 6. Sand wedge to 40 yards short of the green (!) 7. Lob wedge to greenside bunker 8. Sand wedge to greenside bunker 9. Sand wedge to back fringe 10. Chip shot to a foot 11. In the hole Wow, that was brutal. Thanks for making me relive every gory detail. The worst part is the previous...
Weight slightly forward at address, hand slightly forward as well. On the backswing, hands follow an inward path with no weight moving back at all. It's a shorter backswing than is customary. Right leg straightens at the top. Arms straighten on the downswing, hips tuck under and towards the target at the finish. Done correctly, the head does not move laterally at any point in the swing.
I putted sidesaddle for awhile, and it kept me from quitting the game. I had a caddie at Chambers Bay try to tell me it was illegal too. I didn't tip him very well.
Anthony Kim said during his Playing Lessons show that a stock 6 iron for him is 190 yards.
Tim Herron is still playing with Ping Eye2 irons. He has two sets, the gamers and a backup.
To the OP - I wouldn't play for money with your friend. Not a chance.
2 under, chance to win? 6 iron, right at it. Should carry the bunker and run out towards the pin. My natural shot shape would work away from the trouble.
Here's a slow of impact by a guy who hits down on it as much as anyone. Check out the close up of impact. Augusta Hacker can grandstand all he wants and it just gets funnier. The. Ball. Never. Moves. Down.
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