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They're still available. I sent jr1321 a PM and he didn't respond. Let me know if you're still interested.
I've had a few instances where I might have been perceived as a sandbagger and wasn't at all. I got invited to join a group on the second tee. I told them my handicap was 20, which it was at the time. They were playing quarter skins and asked me to join their game. I accepted, and proceeded to hit a wedge to 10 feet and make birdie. I got some pretty funny looks.
I'm playing Chambers Bay on Friday. This will be my third time playing the course, and the first time in warm summer conditions. I've been practicing some different shots in preparation for the wind and firm turf. I've found it takes some real discipline to hit a chippy 7 iron from 120 out, but it's liberating once I commit to it. I'm just so unaccustomed to playing those kind of shots, as conditions up here in the North are typically far too soft.
Any interest if I drop these down to $90 each or $175 shipped for the pair?
Depends on where the trouble is. I try to take something out of play. If there's a bunker guarding the front, I'll take the higher club to take it out of play and take my chances with a long putt coming back. Lately my issue has been not knowing how far a shot will go. My contact has been improving, and it's resulted in unexpected distances. Had 108 to the pin on Friday, hit what felt like a routine SW, and flew the ball 15 yards past the pin. I opted for SW over GW...
Won these in a tournament and have no use for them. Cleveland CG14 wedges, one 56 degree and one 60 degree, both chrome, both medium bounce (two dot) models. These are brand new, never been hit, heads and grips are still in the plastic. $100 each shipped in the lower 48. Thanks for looking. :)
On an easier course, i'm happy when my score starts with an 8. On a tougher course (>120) anything in double digits is great.
Had a similar experience at Desert Canyon in Lake Chelan. Had 120 downhill to a green. Wind was back in my face. Hammered a 7 iron that stood up in the wind and I swear I saw it come back at me as it fell. Landed well short.
Fantastic course, but our caddies were less than thrilled to be out there. :)
Hogan struggled with his putting because damage done by the car crash robbed him of some of his depth perception. Had nothing to do with his ball striking.
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