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Played at Bandon Dunes in the middle of a storm. Rain was falling sideways, a 40 yard pitch would move 10 feet off line, putting was near impossible as the wind would knock you off balance... yeah, tough day.
Last year I bought a bag of 50 metal divot tools on eBay for $10. I keep several of them in my bag, so when a I see a playing partner about to walk away without fixing a ball mark, I ask them if they have a repair tool. If they say no, I give them one of mine. I've shown a few guys the right way to do it too.
Never. Doesn't mean I never need to hit a second ball, but the score is what it is.
It's an awesome shot, but it's not one I've practiced enough to try in a round. Most courses up here in the northwest are fairly short by design because conditions are mud-on-your-ball soft for 9 months out of the year. So you don't end up having room for that shot very often. I've tried it once or twice at the range just for giggles. I saw Bubba Watson do it a couple times at Chambers Bay. One of them he mis-hit about 280 uphill. :)
replaced my worn-out old wedges and picked up new fairway woods.
Welcome to the forum. I work in Bellevue as well. :) Some spring we're having huh?
if it's winter rules at the course (and up here it generally is until may) i'll play it down unless it's plugged or has mud on it. then i mark, lift, clean, place. i never touch it with my club. drives me crazy when i see guys rolling the ball around with their club in the rough. it's the rough - you're not supposed to have a good lie.
absolutely i would play. i get beat all the time - the particular plumbing carried by the person doing the beating is of no consequence to me.
Let's take Lorena as the example, since she's the longest in the women's game. Let's say she hit her average drive in the fairway on all of the par 4 holes at Augusta, and take a look at what she'd have left. I'm leaving out par 5s as she'd be laying up. This is the yardage as it was played this year. 1 - 175 3 - 70 5 - 175 7 - 170 9 - 180 10 - 215 11 - 225 14 - 160 17 - 160 18 - 185 Given the difficulty of the greens at Augusta, that's tough. Not impossible, but really...
correct. bad written, but yeah, 5 balls with driver. 200 mph ball speed.... jesus, can you imagine?
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