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Actually, Player said "The more I practice, the luckier I get." And Hogan said “Every day I don’t practice is one more day it will take to get better”. But yeah, practice like you play - sound advice.
my clubfitter's indoor thingamajig said my highest of the 5 i hit was 165. the rest were 158-ish. i have no idea how accurate his device is. it gives ball speed, launch angle and carry/total distances, but i suspect the distances aren't all that accurate.
damn, that's crushing it. mine's 108-112.
i've made two in a round twice this year, including back to back birdies for the first time last week.
I severely sprained my left ankle a few years ago in a basketball game. Nothing requiring surgery, but black and blue up to my knee, lots of swelling, etc. All I can say is work hard at your PT sessions, and be patient. You absolutely can come back from this with a complete recovery, but weight transfer in your swing will be an issue. It's a mental thing - we tend not to trust the joint after an injury like that.
#7 at Chambers Bay is 449 from the middle tees. Second shot is straight up a huge hill. I hit driver, 3w and couldn't reach it. My second shot landed just short of the green and rolled 30 yards back down the hill. I pitched on and 2 putted for bogey. I watched Ryan Moore and 3 other pros play this hole at the BWM Skins Game. Playing at 508 from the tips, Ryan hit driver, then a hybrid club to the back of the green. He two-putted for par. So yeah, that's how they handle...
People obsess over equipment because it's fun to do. Look at any hobby - photography, woodworking, knitting, you name it - and avid practitioners of every skill level go ape over really nice gear. It's not a golf specific syndrome. Jumping on players of lesser skill for being interested in the technology they're using seems pretty sophomoric to me. You're a 4 index. Of course you're going to hit an older club well. That doesn't mean everyone will. People can play with...
I make a little over 100k and with two small kids and a mortgage on a modest home in the Seattle area, it's a comfortable and decent life. Nowhere near extravagant though.
Up here in the Northwest conditions are so soft most of the time that the local embedded ball rule applies to all areas through the green. http://www.usga.org/playing/rules/bo...ppendix_I.html
Sorry, that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
New Posts  All Forums: