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I have to warm up before I play. If I don't have a chance to get some heat into my shoulders, I can't turn for squat and I really struggle to get going on the course.
I played Bandon Trails at Bandon Dunes. The course was amazing, but it was raining sideways. Worst weather I've ever played in by far, on by far the nicest course I've played. Kind of a weird day, now that I think about it.
Definitely sounds like a muscle tear. Make sure you give that ample time to heal - it will be easy for you to re-injure the same area. I've yet to do anything serious, but my shoulders tend to complain quite a bit when I've practiced alot. I'm not very flexible at all, so I'm constantly pushing my joints past where they're comfortable going.
That's great that you've returned to the game and found some success. I'm also trying to get a grip on the distances I'm hitting now. I'm scared to hit a PW from 140 because I've never been able to do that in the past, but I'll pull a 9 and fly it 15 yards over the back. I guess I just need to develop a little confidence. My driver is what I've been working hardest on lately. I just can't put that SOB in play on the course, which leads to teeing off with my hybrid...
My Titleist Bullseye is only one I've ever owned. I bought it new with my first set of clubs, and I've never used anything else.
I should clarify. Yes, everything the club does is a result of what your hands make it do. But all that is tied to fundamentals that don't involve the use of hands and wrists during the downswing. At his, and my, stage of development as players, the concern should be the basics. Grip, alignment, balance, a good turn, staying connected. Attempting to correct a flaw caused by a breakdown in one of those fundamentals by manipulating the club during the downswing is not a...
Thanks! Were it not for a penalty stroke and a couple of 3 putts I could have done it yesterday. Good luck rehabbing that hip - that doesn't sound like too much fun. I'm having the opposite problem: I'm hitting the ball much better than I used to, and though I'm trying to pull the right club, I keep flying approach shots over the back of the green. It makes me and at the same time.
If the pro asks you to manipulate the club with your hands during the swing, find a different one.
Yesterday I shot a 93. It's really fun to see the practice starting to pay off a little. Now if I could just get control of my driver...
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